Is the TNA Prepared to Retire Sting?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMay 14, 2009

As you all know, Sacrifice is coming up. Sting is a part of the World Title match at Sacrifice. For him to be part of that match, he has to put something on the line. He has decided to put his career on the line.

Now there are many rumors out there about this match. And one of them is that Sting will indeed lose and part ways with TNA for good. Most people are saying that Kurt Angle will be the winner at Sacrifice, about time, as he is not going to give up his roll as the leader of the main-event mafia, but let's get back to Sting.

If in fact this Rumor is true, all I have to say is, why?

Sting is probably one of the best TNA superstars currently in the business. I mean he's right up there with Angle, AJ Styles, and others. Despite his age, I think this is a guy you want representing your show. He is loved and respected by the fans, he still has the in ring talent and much more. Sting is the man!

This, so far, is what I hear from the rumor....

Angle will win, Sting will be sent off in a very touching event, and he will speak one last time before finally walking away.

Despite the fact that I would hate to see Sitng go I think Angle would really make an amazing champion. It's about time. Angle is the face of TNA and everyone knows it. Hey and who knows maybe Sting won't get pinned and he'll stay in TNA and help elevate the young guys.

Anyway to sum it up I really question TNA's decision on this, but if they have to part with one of the most well-known stars in TNA history, then so be it.

I personally hope this is a rumor which is untrue. I have repeated myself over and over again about how much I want Sting to stay and that's just because I don't think TNA is TNA without Sting.

I would really love to hear your opinions on this too.

P.S. Be easy on me, TNA fans, this is my first TNA article.