10 WWE Wrestlers Who Had the Careers They Deserved

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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Had the Careers They Deserved
photo via j-reso.com

Fans can argue all day about wrestlers that have been overpushed in WWE.

Triple H, John Cena and The Ultimate Warrior are among the names you'll often hear of talent that were given too much.

Fans can also argue about talent that should have received a bigger push like William Regal, Raven or Kaval.

But what about the guys who pretty much had the careers they deserved?

That statement is not a knock on any of the talent mentioned. This is a list of wrestlers who got the push that fit their strengths and weaknesses well. For the most part, they just didn’t have main event talent or the mysterious “it” factor by their side.

They did, however, play an important part on the card and got to make a good living.

This list focuses on midcarders to casual main eventers, and leaves out true icons like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin that had careers that lived up to their talents.

Here are 10 WWE stars who had the careers they deserved. 










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