WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Aug. 26

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 30, 2013

(Photo: WWE)
(Photo: WWE)

Bodily harm and property damage inspired the best tweets and Instagram photos relating to WWE.

The WWE champ saw his ride fall victim to vandalism. The Best in the World and the Masterpiece shared the suffering their backs have undergone. It was a week that saw social media react to a Divas promo and a Superstar walk away from the ring.

The most intriguing WWE-related tweets, viral videos and images from Instagram begin with an intimate look at Carlito's ex-partner.

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters shared the effects that wrestling can have on one's body. He posted an unsettling x-ray of his spine on his Instagram account.

It doesn't take a doctor to notice that his spinal cord looks more like a slithering snake than a backbone.

Should one take a look at x-rays of just about any member of the WWE roster, there's sure to be disturbing results. Pro wrestling is hell on the body. The toughness that Masters and others must have to make it through match after match is difficult to fathom.

CM Punk's back didn’t look magnificent after Monday's WWE Raw, either.

Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel teamed up to handcuff and maul Punk in the ring. Shouting how Punk had broken his heart, Heyman broke a kendo stick across his body.

WWE posted the results of that beating on its Instagram page.

As red as his back is, it's hard to even tell it's a human body and not a slab of meat fresh out of the roaster.

Punk could later take solace that AJ Lee followed in his tradition of delivering promos heavily spiked with truth. AJ tore apart the cast of Total Divas calling them cheap, interchangeable and useless. It was a speech that seemed as painful as her Shining Wizard move. 

Punk caught wind of the performance and was understandably intrigued.

Once he watched the video, he sounded off his approval via Twitter.

While fans calling it the best Divas promo ever and calling AJ the female Punk are going overboard, it was a powerful promo that deserved a standing ovation. AJ forced us to pay attention to her and the often under-appreciated division she is a part of.

WWE has a fine opportunity to build on this, making it the foundation of a feud between one of the recipients of that verbal thrashing and the Divas champ. It's a story that all but writes itself at this point, a woman trying to prove AJ wrong and AJ having a grand time torturing her along the way.

Elsewhere in the WWE world, Ted DiBiase Jr. left the company.

As little as he'd been used on TV lately, some fans may have not even realized he was still with WWE. The former Legacy member said his goodbyes to his fans in a YouTube video.

DiBiase says in this clip that not renewing his WWE contract is "what's best for me and my family right now." He also talked about wanting to focus on being a dad, a role that is difficult for those on WWE's grueling schedule.

Bob Holly was among the many who weighed in on his departure.

Another hot topic of the week was Daniel Bryan's art project.

On Monday's Raw, he did his best impression of Banksy by spray-painting Randy Orton's new Cadillac Escalade. The car was a gift from Triple H which Bryan quickly customized.

WWE posted a shot of the finished product on Instagram.

ESPN's Robert Flores joked about the inevitable destruction of the car and WWE Creative Humor was one of the many Twitter accounts to have fun with the incident.

Orton won't be happy about this and we can expect some retribution on Friday's SmackDown and in the weeks ahead. His and Bryan's feud is sure to intensify and sure to lead to other big moments like the Escalade makeover.

Following where this story goes, fans will be on Twitter, at the ready.