Fantasy Football 2013 Printable Cheatsheet: Round-Up of Top Expert Rankings

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 31, 2013

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The 2013 fantasy football draft season has reached its final weekend before the start of the NFL regular season, and owners are desperate to find the appropriate cheatsheets needed to dominate their leagues.

With every person becoming a fantasy expert around this time of year, owners must be smart and find the most consistent names in the industry and follow their lead.’s Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano has become one of the biggest names in fantasy football, and listening to him on draft day is a smart move. The long-time NFL analyst has great insight and a knack for finding the most value at every pick.

Fabiano breaks down the first five rounds of the draft in depth, and there isn’t too much with which fantasy owners should argue. As he always does, Fabiano gets the most bang for his buck at every position (Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers at the end of Round 3).

As well as Fabiano has performed in the past, the latter rounds in his mock draft are far from perfect. With players like Dwayne Bowe, Chris Ivory and Le'Veon Bell all overvalued, use his rankings with a solid mixture of common sense as well.

Fabiano’s full cheatsheet (in mock draft format).



ESPN’s Matthew Berry

Another megastar in the fantasy game, ESPN’s Matthew Berry is one of the few experts that all fantasy owners will likely have a cheatsheet from on draft day. Berry will reveal plenty of sleepers and in-depth rankings, but everything he provides is available to all fantasy owners.

You need to study his cheatsheets to know what the rest of your league is thinking.

Berry’s list is great for cross referencing, but it is fairly safe. Picking a safe team never wins a championship, and fantasy owners must develop their own ideas of which players can have a huge statistical season.

Owners should still have Berry’s top 200 printed out at the draft, though.

Berry’s full cheatsheet (in top 200 format).



Yahoo! Sports (Brandon Funston, Andy Behrens, Brad Evans and others)

Yahoo! Sports has become a monster in the fantasy football business, and the company employs several experts that have great insight.

Instead of giving the fans just one expert’s opinion (Brandon Funston, Andy Behrens or Brad Evans), Yahoo! Sports has compiled a great list of the best writers on staff all compiling their own top 200.

If you want to win a fantasy championship this year, you must print this out.

Multiple Yahoo! Sports Insiders cheatsheets (in top 200 format).



Bleacher Report’s Eric Mack

One of the best mock drafts fans can study is from Bleacher Report’s Eric Mack.

This in-depth look at how the entire draft will shake out is refreshing and easily digestible. With your laptop out for the draft anyway, keep this article open in another tab and reference back to it often.

Take notes about where the runs begin and notice where Mack claims the last of the elite players at a position will be taken. This insight should be enough to formulate a plan on draft day that will lead to a championship.

Mack’s full cheatsheet (in mock draft format).