WWE's Best There Never Was: Kevin Federline Was a Natural Heel

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

This article will get heat for merely mentioning Kevin Federlineand for the right reasons.  Federline was a polarizing figure who represented everything society reviles in a man. 

He's the guy best known for marrying Britney Spears and becoming rich from the divorce.  In a world where men are championed as hunters and gatherers, K-Fed became the face of a slimy opportunist.

Federline is a regular on lists like Business Pundit's 12 millionaires who don't deserve their fortunes.

He was the bad boy who seemed to have corrupted America's sweetheart.  The flashy earrings, basketball sneakers and seemingly misguided urban flavor were all implications of a phony and a natural agitator. 

Warning signs leading up to Spears' 2007 meltdown—which peaked when she shaved her head—began with her abrupt marriage to the tattooed backup dancer in 2004. 

He was what WWE wanted David Otunga—husband of the B-plus-list Jennifer Hudson—to be.  Unfortunately, Otunga has nothing on K-Fed.  As a Harvard-educated lawyer who is still dating the popular singer, Otunga has tangible merits. 

Federline, despite impressive dancing credentials, is often ridiculed as a male gold digger who forever compromised the image of an icon. 

While still married and directly tied to arguably the biggest pop star in the world, Federline somehow landed in WWE in October of 2006 to promote his insufferable Playing with Fire rap album. 

K-Fed seemed right at home as he showered in boos by do-good wrestling fans.  He knew his character and what made him a heel, which required very little adjustment.  Simply sauntering around the ring with a smug smirk and a boxing robe drove fans nuts. 

Cena's initial confrontation with Federline garnered national attention.  Federline would get his revenge during a New Year's Day episode of Raw with a cheap pinfall victory over Cena.  Fresh off the Britney Spears divorce, the episode went on to score the highest ratings in almost five months.  So much for the myth of go-away heat. 

WWE had a villain whose very existence drew Billy Graham-type heat.  He didn't even have to be a wrestler.  In fact, his heat-seeking acumen would have been easily transferable to the right up-and-coming wrestler.   

So why was he only a special attraction?  Surely, he had nothing better to do after without Britney's coattails to mount.  He seemed at home in the critical backstage environment, where many outsiders become ostracized for breaking the WWE's sacred unwritten rules of backstage etiquette. 

Federline's 15 minutes of fame could have been stretched out into at least an hour under the right circumstances in WWE.  Sadly, the K-Fed era was a tease that only lasted for a handful of segments.

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