Get Pissed, Joe

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

I’m currently vacationing in North Carolina, which leaves me watching SportsCenter each morning so I can catch the highlights of the Brewers games. This morning anchor Josh Elliott gave me the highlights of Wednesday night’s Brewers/Marlins game, and I have to say it left me a bit agitated. Actually, really agitated. You might even say…pissed. Big accomplishment, I know, but let me explain a little.

My initial complaint was that the highlight focused more on the two fans that caught home run balls from the Marlins’ Chris Coghlan and Rickie Weeks than the actual game itself. That didn’t have me initially pissed but just a bit irritated.  Afterall, I’m trying to catch game footage. Anyway, the agitation really started with the guy who caught Coghlan’s homer. To that guy: YOU ARE A TOOL! You really go around the country to baseball games with the sole goal of catching home run balls? Tool. Also, you had a prepared list of “demands” from the Marlins in exchange for the guys first Major League home run? Really? That’s not funny, it’s fantastically lame, you ass-tool! Get a life. You make all Brewers sports fans look bad. All you needed was a cheesehead and Brett Favre jersey.

Obviously I took issue with that fan himself, but what really set-me off was Elliott’s closing comments on the “game highlights.” I couldn’t find a transcript of the show, so I’m not positive of the exact words, but it was something to the affect of this: “Wow. Great plays by the fans in this game. Maybe the Brewers should look at signing these guys. With how they’ve been playing, they could use the help.”

Come on! This guy gets paid good money to talk sports, but obviously has no idea on the current state of sports outside the L.A. and east coast markets. The Brewers could use the help? Yeah, the team that is currently leading their division and has the best record in baseball since April 22 needs the help. Dipsh*t. While we at RFB are molding young minds, fabricating manhole covers, doing whatever Tyler does (he’s a journalist or something), killing cute, innocent bobcats in order to make rugs (or something), and processing your medical claims to make a living, this jerk is up in Connecticut sipping on tea, eating wafers and pulling stupid comments out of his turd-cutter. I hate you Josh Elliott.

Maybe that’s a bit strong, but you get the idea. There goes my anger free vacation.