Get Alerts and the Latest Info for Your Fantasy Team

Dan SteckenbergAnalyst IAugust 29, 2013

Your customized fantasy stream
Your customized fantasy stream

Try My Fantasy Team to get all the information you'll need to win your league.

You'll get the latest news and analysis about your fantasy players, real-time tweets, and push notifications for news and scoring updates.

Step 1: Upgrade the App

My Fantasy Stream works on iPhone, iPad and Android – make sure you have the latest version at

Step 2: Choose Your Team


Find My Fantasy Team on the Add page.

Add your players or import your teams from Yahoo.

Tip: If you add, trade, or waive players, just import again.

Step 3: Dominate the Competition

Get up-to-the-second alerts throughout the week, and live scoring and injury updates on Sunday.

Head to your custom fantasy stream for news and analysis to help you win your league.

Follow your team's progress on Sunday with live stats and player tweets.