NBA 2K14: Latest Trailer Displays Commitment to Improved Gameplay

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIAugust 29, 2013

via 2K Sports
via 2K Sports

The 2013-14 NBA regular season is rapidly approaching, with training camp and the preseason looming. Even with the action just around the corner, however, the basketball community is stuck with a sense of impatience.

Fortunately, on Oct. 1, 2013, 2K Sports will release NBA 2K14. If the latest trailer tells us anything, it's that 2K Sports has committed to drastically improving gameplay.

Yet another reason to purchase basketball's most revered video game.

NBA 2K14 has become basketball's premier gaming franchise, earning endorsements from some of the top players in the world. Once a Sega game fronted by Allen Iverson's endorsement, the series has since made players such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James their cover athletes.

For those who haven't seen it already, the most recent trailer features LeBron and a cast of other NBA stars, including those who changed teams this offseason. Check it out below:

Are you excited yet? Well, you should be.

2K14 has evolved over the years, overtaking NBA Live as the game that every basketball fan needs to have. Once viewed as more of an arcade-style unit, additions such as My Player mode and the drastically improved graphics have won gamers over across the globe.

NBA 2K is now the sport's premier franchise.

After transitioning from Jordan to LeBron, it appears as if 2K is ready to make its next leap into modern basketball. Gameplay in NBA 2K has long been strong, as there seems to be improvements upon past flaws with every game that's made. But this year has new points of interest.

From the addition of realistic dunks, dribble moves and passes to improved facial characteristics, we've seen it all. Gamers can shoot free throws like Steve Nash, attempt jumpers like Stephen Curry and pull off Euro-steps like Manu Ginobili.

If you really want to, your player can throw powder into the air before a game like LeBron or do pull-ups on the rim as if they're Dwyane Wade.

In the previously displayed trailer, however, it's not the added features as much as it is the polished motion. Players such as Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin make seamless transitions from rebounding to dunking and jump shots are more accurate to the way a player moves.

As evidenced by Brandon Jennings' three-point field-goal attempt while on the run, every course of action impacts your player now.

If you really want to dig deep, it's also pleasant to see that 2K Sports has already updated its roster with moves such as Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets and Jennings to the Detroit Pistons. Roster updates have always been consistent in 2K, but even with the game more than one month away, the critical modifications have been made.

The true focus, however, is on the fact that the athletes of the NBA will now have an even greater representation of their extraordinary physical gifts. From their swift motions in the open court to the ability to pull out new ball fakes, gamers can catch their opponents off-guard in a variety of ways.

Something that should please the millions of fans who love isolation basketball.

A primary example comes when we see Kobe Bryant faking out a defender with a one-handed ball fake. This is a feature we hadn't seen before, and it displays the presence a top-tier player commands, as a defender is too paralyzed by respect to pounce at the fake.

If they do, we anticipate Kobe hitting his opponent with a spin move and displaying one of the new and improved dunking packages.

There's no question that there are flaws from past games, but NBA 2K has joined the ranks of Madden as the unparalleled sporting program in its video game genre. Even when we ask ourselves what differences will actually exist, we're pleasantly surprised by new developments.

This year, it's the dedication to improving gameplay.