Transfer Season in Serie A: Milan, Inter, and Juventus

JUVE4LlifeContributor IMay 14, 2009

There has been a lot of talk, now that the transfer season is about to start. Some are true, and some are not. 


Ancelotti from Italy to England—AC Milan to Chelsea


Ancelotti, to be fair, I have to say, coaching a team full of great players isn't as easy as it looks.

For example, you have more famous strikers than your plan needs. So sometimes you have to keep a great player on the bench. If you lose, the media will say it's your fault, but if you win they'll say the team did it.

Unlike the teams that have an average number of great players, it's really hard for the team and for the coach to know each other enough to play one style together.

But as much as I'm disappointed in Ancelotti, last season could have been a lot worse. Still, he won't be a good deal for Chelsea, but he won't be a bad deal either.


Buffon Leaving the "Old Lady" Juventus

It's not going to happen. There has been a lot of talk from the team, and other teams, and Buffon, but in his last talk with the press he said he is "not leaving Juventus."


Diego to Juventus

True, he singed a contract for five years with the "Old Lady." Giovanni Cobollo Gigli, Juventus head manager says, "We're optimistic about this deal"


Diego Milito to Inter Milan

That's what his agent said, but they haven't signed anything yet.