Report: WWE Not Interested in TNA Star A.J. Styles

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 29, 2013

A.J Styles is facing an uncertain future (photo from
A.J Styles is facing an uncertain future (photo from

It looks like there's some bad news for fans hopeful of seeing A.J. Styles in a WWE ring anytime soon.

As PWInsider discussed last week, Styles' contract with TNA is expiring in the next few weeks and it's far from assured that he will re-sign. Per PWInsider, the main factor is money.

Inevitably, talk has turned to whether a WWE deal could potentially be in Styles' future.

Certainly, you wouldn't blame the 36-year-old for looking elsewhere right now.

America's No. 2 wrestling promotion is in a state of major disarray right now. Wrestlers are being cut left and right as the company attempts to reduce its budget. In early July, it emerged that the company was behind on paying performers (via

To makes things considerably worse, ex-TNA star Jesse Sorensen recently revealed in an interview that the company did not pay his medical bills following his severe neck injury at its 2012's Against All Odds pay-per-view. The 24-year-old claimed his mother was then, tragically, forced into bankruptcy from the debts (via CageSideSeats).

Sorensen's shocking claims are one of, if not the, biggest blows to the company's PR image in its 11-year history.

Considering all these factors, it seems questionable whether or not the company is even going to be around a year from now.

Truthfully, given the state of TNA right now, you have to think if WWE made Styles the right offer he'd jump at it. As a man with a wife and children to look after, he'd be foolish not to.

However, in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer claimed the company is not terribly keen to sign Styles right now, or any TNA talent. 

Believe it or not, reports from WWE say that they are not interested in him, although that could always change. WWE has a policy to not take wrestlers from TNA. It’s not a 100% policy or anything like that but they didn’t jump on Bobby Roode when his contract was up, and haven’t signed Matt Morgan.

While disappointing, WWE not being eager to sign Styles might not be too much of a surprise.

As noted, he is 36 and, after years and years of taking those hard-hitting bumps on Impact and pay-per-views, you have to wonder just what his physical state is right now.

No wonder the company reportedly doesn't see him as a good investment.