Ric Flair: Why He Is the Best Wrestler to Lead a Faction Versus The Corporation

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 30, 2013


Even in the world of professional wrestling, there is a fine line between love and hate.

While the WWE is not enamored of the recent actions of Ric Flair, it still has a vested interest in “The Nature Boy” and all his shenanigans in and out of the ring.

The recent events with the company notwithstanding, the 16-time world champion could have a place in the company that has not been revealed yet. It’s possible the company and its creative team aren’t even aware of it. Let me share it with you firsthand.

What if Flair led the face faction against Randy Orton and Triple H?

Before everyone jumps down my throat and there is a mob after my head, hear me out. This makes sense.

Flair and the WWE have history. Flair and Triple H have history as in teacher and student, hero and hero worshipper. The roads they have traveled are long. Flair, as written in To Be the Man, spoke of how Triple H helped him exorcise the demons in his head from WCW and allowed him to become half-human again.

The autobiography also talked about how the two traveled together. Flair told Triple H stories of the wrestling business the same way Dusty Rhodes and Ken Patera did for him years ago as a rookie coming up in the business.

Like Triple H has said on and on, this would be good for business.

Like in other angles where friends turn on friends and the sides of good and evil are exposed, the presence of Flair would add another dimension to the program and make him a hero again.

While the news lately of the fallen hero and the greatest wrestler of all time (in my opinion) has been bleak, making him the one man who stands up to the new faction of domination in professional wrestling makes so much sense.

Everything that was enjoyed by Flair, Orton and Triple H in Evolution could be used as the bridge to connect the two angles. Triple H can get scolded by his hero. Orton can get undressed figuratively by the elder statesman. The possibility of Flair and Vince McMahon in the ring face to face again is frenetic.

My heartbeat is rising just at the thought.

Regardless of the idea of using Flair in a public relations role or as an ambassador to sell merchandise, whether the company wants to admit it or not, it may need Flair right now even in the wake of its current success. He still means something to the business. He is the link that ties five generations of fans together, and his "Stylin’ and Profilin" can still get the crowds wound up.


Imagine if he leads a group of five into Survivor Series, and Triple H does the same. It could be the biggest Survivor Series in decades, and the momentum it sends toward Hell in a Cell would be off the chain. It’s hard to imagine anything bigger than maybe Triple H meeting Daniel Bryan in the main event of TLC.

Yes, that was a tease.

So before everyone dismisses my idea, calls me a mark and thinks I'm too old school, it still represents the best way for wrestlers to follow a lead and become involved in this angle in support of Daniel Bryan.

The Miz has already worked with Flair during the year. We all hoped for Dolph Ziggler and the legend to come together and make a run at the World title. Flair got in the ring with Big Show in WCW. And Triple H and Orton have already been adversaries and foes of this man.

The only thing left to do is make it happen and see where it goes. It just might be the best thing to happen for the company in some time. Just as this new angle is as well.