Corporate Angle Brings a Fresh Change to WWE

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIAugust 29, 2013

It is inherent in our nature to be pessimistic.

We always expect the worst to happen, even if we have no real reason to believe the floor will bottom out beneath us.

This is especially true in IWC, where I too have been guilty—far more times than I would like to admit—of expecting a doomsday scenario with a certain wrestler or story line.

So why did I bother to bring this up?

Because for the first time in a long time, I am feeling very good about the state of the WWE as we move forward with this new “Corporate” story line.

Let’s start with something we can all agree on: the fact that the WWE now fully feels confident in Daniel Bryan as the lead babyface. The company has thrust him into the top story line and he has been given ample opportunities to show off his skills in lengthy matches in the main event slot on Raw.

Ask yourself this important question: Could you have imagined a year ago that Daniel Bryan would be wrestling Antonio Ceasaro and Seth Rollins for over fifteen minutes each in the main event of Raw?

Bryan is the first instance of the WWE finally utilizing its influx of talent and giving them the opportunity to shine.

Some folks may complain that Bryan is going to become the O'Doul's version of Stone Cold Steve Austin since Bryan's story line is borrowing from Austin's Attitude Era rivalry with Vince McMahon's Corporation.

This may be true, however, wrestling is known for recycling old story lines, but this is going to take a different twist from Austin's story. Bryan is playing the underdog looking to prove himself to the company with his technical prowess. Austin was an anti-authority, in-your-face character who quite literally gave the middle finger to management.

Now let’s move on to Randy Orton and Triple H.

Both characters were in need of a change, as they have both been WWE faces for a very long time. This cosmic shift for both men not only freshens them up, but allows them to play characters they were naturally born to play: the heels.

Orton had been on a roll in the ring prior to turning, but if his match with Christian from last Monday proved anything, Orton appears ready to take on his role as the lead heel.

Triple H’s involvement is good for one reason in particular: it keeps Vince McMahon out of the spotlight. For years, hearing McMahon’s music was a special occurrence, but over the years it has been diluted due to questionable appearances and character portrayals. With Triple H serving as the heel authority figure, it gives the audience a younger, sharper, and more ruthless executive to hate.

Lastly, let’s examine the biggest elephant in the room: the portrayal of the remaining babyfaces.

There have been numerous complaints about how weak the babyfaces have come across the last few weeks at the end of Raw, as they all stood around and helplessly watched Bryan get the tar kicked out of him.

You can't develop ten characters at once; it’s important for the initial focus to be on Bryan, Orton and Triple H to establish the story and each characters motivations.

The fans need to have a reason to loathe the new regime, and by using the very real life fear of losing your job for speaking out or involving yourself in company matters is the perfect way to create sympathy.

Fans may not be happy with Dolph Ziggler or the Miz’s face turns so far, but they haven’t been given an actual story to work with. By allowing these men (as well as Mark Henry and Big Show) to eventually align themselves with Bryan will give them the kick they need to connect with the audience.

I have no knowledge of future story lines at all, but would it be hard to imagine a survivor series main event consisting of Team Bryan (Bryan, Ziggler, Miz, Henry, Show) vs. Team Orton (Orton, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, ADR/Barret)?

We’ve been clamoring for new stars, and that sounds like a pretty great and exciting way to feature a number of performers in the main event of one of the “Big 4” PPVs.

I know I may come across as a little too optimistic, but it really is a great time to be a fan of the WWE product. You just gotta have faith…