UFC Fight Night 27: 5 Fights for Carlos Condit to Take Next

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistAugust 29, 2013

UFC Fight Night 27: 5 Fights for Carlos Condit to Take Next

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    Carlos Condit rebounded from losing the first round to absolutely mug Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27.

    After Kampmann's wrestling success in the first five minutes of the fight, Condit defended well. That allowed him to bust Kampmann's face up until he got the TKO finish early in the fourth.

    Ranked No. 2 in the division, there are a lot of options for Condit's next fight. However, he has recently lost to both Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks. Therefore, while he may deserve the next title shot, fans generally want new challengers. That puts Condit in a tricky situation.

    With such depth in the division, there is a plethora of top-tier talent to throw him in against. A small winning streak would see Condit challenge for gold once more.

    Here are five potential opponents for Condit's next bout. 

No. 5: Nick Diaz

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    This is not the most enticing option for Condit, but it has to be an option because it would be one of the most high-profile bouts on the table.

    Say what you want about Diaz. The fact is, people care when he fights. A rematch against Condit would draw interest due to the outcome of their first showdown.

    For Condit, it just isn't the right fight to take. Diaz is coming off back-to-back losses, which includes the aforementioned first fight between the duo. A win does not immediately help Condit get back into a title fight, and it may allow another fighter to surpass him.

    Regardless, money rules all. That's why this fight makes the list.  

No. 4: Matt Brown

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    This fight could have topped the list, but hopes of any clash were dashed quickly after UFC Fight Night 27.

    Dana confirmed to me that @IamTheImmortal has a fight already matched up but it won't be against Carlos Condit :-(

    — Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) August 29, 2013

    There you have it. This fight is not happening. However, it remains listed because it simply should happen.

    Brown and Condit are two of the most exciting fighters in the company, let alone the welterweight division. They would go toe-to-toe in a war until someone dropped. There would be guaranteed violence on whatever card this was placed on.

    Condit's No. 2 ranking versus Brown's current six-fight streak. Everything is there to make this fight one of the best welterweight matchups, but it isn't going to happen. Shame on the UFC. 

No. 3: Winner of Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

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    Condit would have to sit on the sidelines for a few extra months for this fight, and while not ideal, it may be what lies ahead for the Jackson's MMA welterweight.

    If Lawler defeats MacDonald, he most likely will not get a title shot. However, he will be one fight away from such a distinction.

    If MacDonald wins, he could earn a title shot straight away. However, there is the possibility that he could refuse to fight current champion Georges Saint-Pierre after UFC 167. That would set up a rematch against Condit, and a chance for MacDonald to avenge his only UFC loss.

    There are a lot of moving pieces to this puzzle, but the option is certainly there for Joe Silva and the UFC. If there is no immediate rush, the UFC can wait for the UFC 167 fallout before making a decision. 

No. 2: Demian Maia

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    It is tough to project a win for anyone in a division as competitive as the welterweight class is, but everything looks to be in Demian Maia's favor against Jake Shields.

    Maia has been on a tear, holds the advantage standing and is superior on the ground. He also gets the fight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 29 in his home country of Brazil. Given Shields' recent cardio problems, Maia also has that edge, too.

    If Maia takes care of business, a contender's bout against Condit is the next step. Maia is on the precipice of a title shot, but Rory MacDonald and Condit stand in the way. He will need one more win after October.

    A Maia vs. Condit bout is enticing. It is an interesting stylistic fight, and one where both fighters constantly want to pressure their opponents. It is a potential fight that could give the UFC its next title challenger.

    First things first, Maia has to handle Shields on October 9. 

No. 1: Tarec Saffiedine

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    The final Strikeforce welterweight champion is the most logical choice for Condit's next opponent. In fact, Tarec Saffiedine has already called for the bout.

    Saffiedine is the highest ranked welterweight available for Condit. Everyone else is either booked or has been recently defeated by the 29-year-old. That leaves Saffiedine's UFC debut for Condit's next bout.

    The former champion of Strikeforce wants to return in December or January, and that lines up well with Condit's timetable after UFC Fight Night 27. On paper, everything works out well for this fight to go down.

    Time will tell if the UFC goes this route. The winner of the potential Saffiedine-Condit encounter would surely have a strong case for a title shot. That is what both fighters want. In a division littered with potential title contenders, the UFC could find an easy contender's bout to put on a winter fight card.