WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from August 28

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIAugust 28, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Wednesday night signals one thing for professional wrestling fans: another edition of WWE presents Main Event. The hour-long program on ION Television was back again, with three matches that you didn't want to miss.

Here's how it all transpired.

Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel took on Cody Rhodes in the opening contest, providing Main Event viewers with quite the high-profile opener. The Prime Time Players continued their feud with The Real Americans in tag team action later in the show, leading to Fandango battling Kofi Kingston in the main event.

It's safe to say that starpower was at a premium.


Quick Results

  • Curtis Axel defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall in a non-title match.
  • The Prime Time Players defeated The Real Americans via pinfall.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango via disqualification after Summer Rae involved herself in the action.


Curtis Axel Defeated Cody Rhodes

In our opening contest, Axel took on Rhodes in a non-title match, continuing their recently developed feud. This time around, it was Axel who emerged victorious, putting the 'stache-less superstar down for the three-count.

A confusing development, to say the least.

Axel defeated Rhodes via the move known as the "Axelizer," sending Rhodes into the mat head-first for the win. Rhodes fought, but with Paul Heyman at ringside, having eyes in the back of his head simply wasn't enough, as Axel continued his rise up the WWE food chain.

Lose, win or draw, we should all be happy to see the latest generation of two storied families in professional wrestling.

Mr. Perfect and Dusty Rhodes would be proud.

Axel has now defeated Rhodes twice during the past week, also taking him down on last week's edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Rhodes is now 7-3 in his past 10 matches, losing only to world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio and intercontinental titleholder Curtis Axel.

With that being said, it's not about who Rhodes has lost to—it's how they contrast with who he's defeating.

Rhodes has now won three consecutive matches against Damien Sandow, who holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. He's also lost back-to-back fights with Axel, who holds the title below the belt Sandow is eligible to win.

WWE Championship material or not, Rhodes' career path has hit a point where the writing team has some explaining to do.


The Prime Time Players Defeated The Real Americans

It wasn't long ago that Jack Swagger was contending for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. It was just as recently that Antonio Cesaro was the United States champion, pairing undeniable charisma with an old-school style in the ring.

Now, The Real Americans are losing to the Prime Time Players on Main Event.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil continued their recent hot streak, with the latter pinning Swagger for the victory. That marks the second time this week that O'Neil pinned Swagger, unleashing the Clash of the Titus to flex his power.

A stretch that very few saw coming.

The Prime Time Players won three matches between May 13 and Aug. 14, but they have rebounded in a major way. They've won three matches over the past eight days, including singles action with Young defeating Cesaro and O'Neil taking down Swagger.

Their win at Main Event was No. 4.

There's no question that Young and O'Neil have become fan favorites, but no one expected them to dismantle former champions in four consecutive matches. This is the push that many have been waiting for, but it does come at the expense of two of the better wrestlers in the WWE.

At least we can rely on NXT for some memorable Cesaro moments.


Kofi Kingston Defeated Fandango

When it comes to personality, few wrestlers allow it to shine through quite as well as Fandango and Kofi Kingston. Both know how to bring energy to the ring, with Kingston serving as a fan favorite and Fandango dancing his way onto the WWE Universe's bad side.

Wednesday night, it was Kingston who walked away with a win, but not without a few bumps and bruises.

Fandango was magnificent in this match, controlling the action and taking it to the high-flying superstar. In the end, however, Kingston was able to fight back and take control to the point that Summer Rae had to get involved.

Unfortunately for Fandango, that meant another loss.

Fandango has won just one match since defeating Wade Barrett on the July 12 edition of SmackDown. In that time, Fandango is 1-12 in 13 matches, last winning on Aug. 9 against Kingston.

Fandango has been in programs against some of the top names in WWE, but for a wrestler so committed to his character, it's disappointing to see his lack of success.

It's unclear who Fandango is feuding with at this point, as The Miz and Kingston seem to be taking turns, depending on what show it is. That makes it difficult to pinpoint one pay-per-view match for Fandango to take part in, let alone a feud that can push him over the top.

As for Kingston, defeating Fandango could be the victory to lead him back to the path to greatness.