Pisa Tinoisamoa: The Latest Possible Move By The Bills

Lance BlackwaterCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

After a lot of fan debate and wishing, Pisa Tinoisamoa, the recently released six-year starting linebacker for the St. Louis Rams is being looked at very carefully by the Buffalo Bills.  Tinoisamoa visited with Bills coaches on May 14th.

Tinoisamoa played outside linebacker for the Rams and is a very capable player.  He is a very athletic linebacker that has the quickness and awareness to play well in any system.

Last season he posted 104 tackles with 88 of those being solo tackles.  Over his six years with the Rams he has 10 sacks and 7 interceptions.

If the Buffalo Bills decide to make Tinoisamoa an offer, it could pay big dividends for the Bills defense.  The Bills would become much better at the linebacker position with the addition of Tinoisamoa.

Tinoisamoa gives the Bills the ability to do more with Paul Posluszny and Kawika Mitchell.  Tinoisamoa could lock down the weakside linebacker spot.