UFC Fight Night 27 Results: Condit vs. Kampmann Recap and Analysis

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIAugust 28, 2013

UFC Fight Night 27 Results: Condit vs. Kampmann Recap and Analysis

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    Carlos Condit will faced a familiar foe in the main event of UFC Fight Night 27.

    Martin Kampmann and Condit faced one another in 2009 with Kampmann picking up the split-decision victory. It was very controversial as many fans felt Condit should've been awarded the victory.

    "The Natural Born Killer" got some vindication at UFC Fight Night 27 as he avenged the defeat via fourth round TKO stoppage.

    Kampmann looked to emulate his success from the 2009 fight by utilizing his wrestling skills in the first round. He found success with the takedowns but ultimately did very little in terms of offense.

    The wrestling-heavy game plan looked to backfire a bit as Kampmann was clearly fatigued after the first frame. As Condit continued to land strike after strike, Kampmann's chances at victory faded.

    Condit looked to be back in vintage form as he unloaded with a number of combinations that we've come to expect from him while Kampmann showed his touted versatility by using his wrestling in the first round. We know how tough Kampmann is and that makes Condit's finish all the more impressive.

Round 1

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    Almost immediately Martin Kampmann came out and looked to land a single leg takedown. Carlos Condit did a good job of initially blocking the takedown but Kampmann was eventually able to get the takedown.

    Kampmann continued to turn the fight into a grappling match with Condit looking for submissions off his back.

    Condit did very well to avoid taking any damage while threatening with a leg lock and worked his way up to his feet even after Kampmann had his back.

    A few flashy kicks didn't land but at least Condit showed that he wasn't going anywhere. It wouldn't matter as Kampmann landed yet another takedown to take the first round easily.

Round 2

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    The second round opened to Carlos Condit attempting to find his range but struggling to do so. Martin Kampmann seemed more content to fight on the feet in the second frame.

    It wouldn't last for long as Kampmann looked for the takedown as often as the opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately for Kampmann the opportunity really never came as Condit landed a number of impressive flurries.

    The offensive flurries weren't only pretty to watch but they were also landing pretty hard. Kampmann struggled to take Condit down throughout the round which only helped make Condit's striking dominance look even better.

    Easy round for "The Natural Born Killer."

Round 3

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    The two fighters were locked up early to start the round and Martin Kampmann was even able to land a pretty nice takedown against the fence. Once again Kampmann struggled to start any offense once he had the takedown as Carlos Condit was able to work his way back to his feet.

    Kampmann's pace began to really slow in the third frame and his face began to bleed heavily. Condit, much like his namesake, smelled blood in the water and continued to land nice combinations seemingly at will.

    Condit was chasing Kampmann around the cage for most of the final few minutes as the crowd roared with support for "The Natural Born Killer." Kampmann attempted another takedown to slow the pace but nearly got caught in a choke.

    "The Hitman" was able to escape but nearly found himself in a rear naked choke. Kampmann was clearly done towards the final seconds and Condit looked to push the pace as the final seconds ticked by.

    Another clear round for Condit.

Round 4

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    Martin Kampmann began the fourth round with a nice takedown and it looked as though maybe he'd found a second wind. But Carlos Condit came roaring back with a big punch that wobbled Kampmann near the cage.

    Condit followed up the powerful hook with throwing a series of punches as Kampmann just covered up against the cage. Referee Herb Dean warned Kampmann to fight back and to his credit he swung back at Condit but with very little strength behind his strikes.

    Condit secured a muay Thai clinch and began to launch a series of knees. Kampmann collapsed to the ground and Dean stepped in to call the fight in the fourth round.

    Overall it was a great performance from Condit and it was punctuated by an impressive finish. He'd drawn some flack since his performance against Nick Diaz but he's clearly the same dangerous finisher we've always known.