B/R Turns Into WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw Special

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B/R Turns Into WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw Special
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Before I get started I would like to say a few things. First of all, I would like to thank Jay Rob for writing the beginning of the show until the end of the Johnson/Ray match.

Also, I am very busy this weekend so there may be no Pay Per View Preview as I do every month because I have to write my JD matches and B/R Smackdown tomorrow.

I just wanted to get this out of the way, because so many people were looking forward to it.

Superstars begins

(Jeff Gorman) "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to this special edition of B/R Superstars. We are live in HD in Mexico located right by the Gulf of Mexico. I am Jeff Gorman ringside with a very special guest commentator, Celeste Winchester, GM of ECW. Tonight will be a rocky night, because it is RAW vs. Smackdown."

(Celeste) "Yeah, Jeff, the locker room has been buzzing all week with rumors of an invasion by some RAW and Smackdown stars. Tonight calls for a very much needed Superstars!"

(JG) "We got some blockbusters coming your way, including a champion vs. champion match between WWE Champion AkD and World Heavyweight Champion Shane Howard."

(CW) "And former champion Joe Burgett has laid out an open challenge to any Smackdown superstar."

(JG) "But first, we have a great match up coming your way!"

(RA) "Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Ray Bogusz"

(CW) "These fans have a mixed reaction for this former Smackdown bad boy. Some do not like his attitude, but then again a lot more have respect for Ray."

(RA) "His opponent, Ron Johnson!"

"These two have had words in the past, but that is the past. The Don is a former RAW guy, and I know he wants to show RAW, let alone Ray, that they have lost something good."

Bell sounds. The crowd starts chanting Ron The Don as soon as the match starts. The two men get into each other's faces.

(Ray) "Wrestlemania sucked."

(Ron) "Your article sucked and you're a crybaby."

(Ray) "You're bitter because no one likes you and how you abandoned us."

(Ron) "Piper has a fake hip."

Ray slaps Johnson across the face. As soon as Johnson recovers, Ray takes him off of his legs and delivers rights and lefts to Johnson. He picks him up and swings him into the turnbuckle.

He walks up to run with a middle finger in the air. He then climbs the turnbuckle and monkey flips Ron to the canvas. 1, 2, Ron kicks out.

Ray goes to pick him up again, but Ron pokes him in the eye. He gives him two shots to the midsection and delivers a gutwrench suplex. He goes for the cover, but Ray kicks out immediately.

Ron goes after the ref, and he jumps out of the ring. Ron then goes for Ray, who is sitting in the corner. Ray then kicks Ron right in the groin. He goes for the pin as soon as the ref gets back into the ring. Ron kicks out after two.

Ray then bodyslams Ron over the top rope.

(Commercial Break)

(CW) "We are back and Ray Bogusz has been taking it to Ron Johnson. During the break, Ron got back onto the apron after a 9-count. But as soon as he got on the apron, Ray put him in a front face suplex and dropped him chest first on the mat."

The referee starts the count, but Ray is on the top rope. A rarity for Ray Bogusz, he nails a flying fist drop right on Ron's cranium.

Both men are down. After a count of 7, Ray is up and picks Ron up and throws him into the ring. Ray then gains momentum from the ropes, but Ron counters with a belly to belly suplex. The ref starts another count.

Both men are up at nine and Ron charges after Ray and connects with a clothesline. He then gives Ray another one as he gets to his feet.

Building momentum, Ron Johnson connects with an elbow right in Ray's mouth. He goes for the cover, but Ray kicks out at 2.6 seconds.

Ron calls it quits, and he looks like he wants to finish Ray off.

Ray however has other plans. He spits in Ron's face and sends him into the ropes chest first. He grabs him, and picks him up for a German suplex, but Ron counters beautifully and stretches Ray's arm behind his back.

He wrenches the wrist higher and then he trips Ray to the canvas. To make matters worse, he then bridges out to max out the stretch on Ray's arm, wrist and shoulder. Ray has no choice but to tap from the pain.

(RA) Your winner, Smackdown's Ron Johnson!

(Backstage) Joe Burgett enters the building. He is attacked by Dub Sizzle with a nightstick. He throws him into some boxes and beats on him with poles. As Burgett is coming to, Dub Sizzle throws him through a window. Dub Sizzle then disappears.

Celeste's face is in awe!

Jeff is looking at Celeste like she was a dead president resurrected from the grave.

(JG) "Ummm..."

(CW) "Umm is right, I have nothing to say right now, Jeff. Im in awe! We will be right back."

(Commercial Break)

(JG) After a disturbing act by Dub Sizzle, Joe is being treated by medical officials, but Joe is still ready to be in action tonight.

(RA) This match is an over the top battle royal and the only way you can win is by throwing your opponent over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. Introducing first, representing Raw, Adrian and Greg Bush.

Adrian comes out with heat as Bush comes out to a small pop.

(RA) And their opponents from Smackdown, the team of Blue Chip and....

Blue Chip walks out alone to many boos throughout the arena. He is holding a mic. 

(Chip) I'm going at this alone.

Blue walks towards the ring.

He enters as this battle royal is under way.

Greg and Adrian run towards Blue Chip, but Chip takes them both down with a double clothesline. He is now posing as both Adrian and Greg get up and turn Chip around. Chip was expecting that and he pushes Bush to the mat and Chip low blows Adrian.

Chip tosses Adrian out of the ring and he is eliminated. Blue is now celebrating in the ring as if he has won the match. Greg quickly comes up behind him and tosses him over the top rope for the win.

(RA) Here is your winner, Raw's Greg Bush.

(CW) Well now we are tied 1 to 1 here in this Smackdown vs. Raw feud.

(JG) Certainly, Celeste. But we still have a lot of questions that need answers tonight.

Interview Segment (M, Sterling Eby, and Christi Lott)

(BI) So tell us Sterling, how do you feel about this match tonight?

(Eby) You want to know what I think? I do not care about this match. The only thing I care about is becoming the WWE Champion at Judgment Day. Some idiot took me to the hospital last night on Smackdown and that fool of a general manager puts me in a match tonight? Beyond me.

Eby and Lott walk away as M walks in. M is holding a microphone.

(M) You know what. Ron Johnson....You got lucky on Smackdown. That tape worm, Jay Rob got lucky and then after the show goes off air, I get attacked by the General Manager? Who writes this crap?

Whatever, tonight I will take the victory and at Judgment Day, I will make sure that Ron leaves that arena on a Stretcher.

M walks away.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This is a six-person tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Sterling Eby, Christi Lott, and M.

The three come out to enormous heat.

(RA) And their opponents, representing Raw, Terrell Johnson, Jen, and Paul A.

They each come out to some pops.

The bell rings and we are under way.

The match starts with Christi and Jen in the ring. Jen quickly hits an arm drag on to Christi and she is down for a quick few seconds. She gets up and gets knocked back down with a clothesline. Jen Perston tags in Terrell Johnson, so Sterling Eby comes in as the legal man.

Eby has bandages on his back wounds from Smackdown last night as he quickly runs at Johnson, but Johnson hits Eby with a spinning wheel kick. Eby is down and is in serious pain.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Paul and M are the legal men. M is holding Paul in a full nelson, but he manages to get to the ropes. M lets go and hits Paul with a neckbreaker. He goes for the pinfall. Two count as M starts stomping on Paul until Ron Johnson's music hits.

M is looking towards the ramp alongside Christi and Sterling, but Ron along with Andrea Claire take out M and Ron with clotheslines to take them to the outside.

The referee is ringing the bell as Team Smackdown wins as Andrea, M, Christi, and Stelrling are being separated by security.

Security is holding all four of them until Jen, Paul, and Johnson run toward the ropes and hit a suicide dive on to the group of stars as well as security. They are all down as we head to commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Jay Rob and Dan Telek are in the ring ready for this tag team match.

(RA) And their opponents, JLB and Ryan Michael.

The match starts and we are under way.

JLB and Jay start he bout as JLB hits an instant Samoan drop on to Jay. JLB then picks up Jay and hits an instant lariat on to Jay and goes for the pinfall. 2 count as JLB then tags in Ryan who comes in with a scary look on his face signalizing that he's about to hit a punt kick on to Jay.

Jay is slowly getting up, but when Ryan goes for the kick, Jay gets out of the way and rolls uo Michael in a roll up pin. 1 count only as Jay is crawling to tag in Telek as Michael has tagged in JLB.

Just about the time when Jay was going to tag Telek, JLB dragged him away and hit a series of punches to Jay. The fans are cheering both sides and it is hard to determine who they prefer. JLB now has Rob in a headlock until Jay breaks out of it, hits a crossbody on to JLB and then tags in Telek.

Telek runs in as he knocks down Michael and JLB as he poses in the ring. Then Kevin Canny's music plays as he walks up the ramp as the match continues.

(Commercial Break)

We are back with Canny joining Celeste and Jeff at the commentary booth as Telek and JLB are in the ring. Telek quickly picks up JLB in the attempt of the Supernova, but JLB escapes and tags Michael in.

As Michael runs towards Telek, Canny hops on to the apron and looking at Telek, Telek stares back until he turns around and Michael hits him with a neckbreaker. Jay Rob tries to help but JLB takes him down. Michael then hits the punt kick and goes for a pinfall. 3 count as Raw wins!

(Commercial Break)

(Celeste) We are now nearing towards our huge main event between AkD and Shane Howard who have some history after AkD cost Shane the WWE Championship at Backlash.

(Gorman) That is right, Celeste and it will all go down tonight. I am just receiving a message that there is something going on in the parking lot.

The parking lot appears on the Titantron as Dub Sizzle is dragging a trash bag outside of the arena. Several doctors are walking towards him trying to stop him, but Dub pushes them away. He then tosses the bag into the Gulf as Dub is approached by a masked man.

(Masked Guy) Hey what was in that bag, anyways?

(Sizzle) Something that we do not need more of. I have officially disposed of Joe Brugnett or whatever his name is spelled like.

(Masked Man) Are you sure, because I saw him on your way out.

(Sizzle) Yeah I think so too.

Sizzle rips the mask off and it is Joe. They are going back in forth as they are both hitting equal amounts of punches, chops, suplexes, and hits until Sizzle low blows Joe and hits a Demon Driver into the water as medics are trying to get Joe out as Sizzle leaves.

(Sizzle) I wonder who was in that bag?

Out of nowhere the bag comes up and Chedder Bob comes out of it looking pissed in his brand new "Cena better than Rock" t-shirt.

(Commercial Break)

(Jeff) We are back after that disturbing incident and medics are treating Joe's injuries.

(CW) Yes, Joe, did not suffer any breaks, but he was knocked out and will be ready to go at Judgment Day.

(RA) This is our main event and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing Raw, the World Heavyweight Champion Shane Howard!

Shane comes out to a mixed reaction.

(RA) And his opponent from Smackdown, the WWE Champion, AkD!

Mixed reaction, but mostly cheers.

The bell rings and we are under way.

We start with Howard locking AkD in an armbar for a few seconds before hitting a leg sweep to knock AkD on the mat. Shane now locks AkD in the Boston Crab for a few minutes as AkD is struggling to get out of the hold. He eventually gets out by getting to the ropes as he is struggling to get up until Shane lifts him up.

Shane puts AkD on his shoulders, but AkD counters by hitting a hurricarana and both men hit the floor hard. The referee starts the ten count.

After getting to 6, both men get up and resume going at each other until Shane hits an elbow to AkD and then locks in an ankle lock. AkD is struggling to get out until he flips Shane on to the mat and AkD now has the momentum.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as AkD hits a 360 elbow (R-Truth move) on to Shane and AkD quickly gets him up and hits him with the T-Bone Suplex and goes for the pinfall. Only a 2 count as AkD looks mad and he hits a knee to the face of a prone Howard.

Quickly after, AkD picks up Shane and goes for the Paydirt, until Howard reverses and hits a CodeBreaker on to AkD. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2 count. Shane looks amazed as he picks up AkD and the lights go out.

When the lights turn back on, we see AkD still in the ring with Shane as Shane made up that to remind AkD of what happens almost every week on Smackdown regarding this "Mystery Man". When AkD turns around, he runs into an axe kick by Howard. As he goes for the pin, the lights go out again.

When they turn back on, ECW's Anonymous Guy in the ring with a microphone as Shane and AkD are looking at him.

(AG) I am not who you think, I am just here to bring pain.

He drops the mic as Shane and AkD go after him, but AG gets out of the way so they crash into each other. Celeste looks satisfied as she is impressed with AG in the ring demolishing the two world champions.

(Jeff) I could not believe that ECW would not get involved with this, and I was correct.

The ECW Roster comes out to take out AkD and Shane until the other two brands come out and all three brands are brawling. Jen and Mina took out Andrea and Christi Lott as the male wrestlers are fighting in the ring.

The only stars not there are Dub Sizzle and Joe. Stars from all brands are knocking each other over the top rope until there are 7 people left which are Ryan Michael, Shane, AkD, Sterling Eby, Jay Rob, AG, and John Louie. The lights go out again and the same voice from Smackdown comes up.

(?) AkD, I am not who you think I am. I am who you know I am.

The lights come back as AkD is gone so there are six men left looking confused, but they start to go at it with each other.

The only thing is that AG and Louie are the only ones working together as Sterling and Jay Rob are after each other as well as Shane and Michael.

As those four men are brawling, AG takes out Shane and Michael as Louie takes out Eby and Jay. The two ECW stars celebrate in the ring as other ECW stars come in and celebrate in the ring,

This concludes the Superstars: Smackdown vs Raw Special

AkD vs Shane (non title): winner Shane

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