Top Feature Interview Questions For Bertrand Berry

E Paul LianCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 18:  Defensive end Bertrand Berry #92 of the Arizona Cardinals holds up the George S. Halas trophy and his children after winning the NFC championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 18, 2009 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Eagles 32-25 to advance to the Super Bowl.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

This writer has never met No. 92, Bertrand Berry of the Arizona Cardinals. Berry played his college football at Notre Dame, under both Lou Holtz and Bob Davie. The following questions would be posed in an attempt to reveal some insights into the motivations of a Pro Bowl selection and 12-year veteran of the NFL.

1. Describe your offseason conditioning program.

2. Do you have a typical game day routine? 

3. If you were to describe yourself as a piece of furniture, what would you be?

4. What's your idea of a good time?

5. Do you favor additional compensation for college scholarship players?

6. What will it take for the Arizona Cardinals to repeat as the Western Division champions in 2009?

7. Would you want your son to pursue a professional sports career?

8. What's been the chief motivating factor in keeping you in the NFL for 12 years?

9. Were you ever concerned a serious injury might end your career?

10. Was it a childhood dream of yours to play in the NFL?