NL Power Rankings: Despite Loss of Manny, Dodgers Still on Top

Tom FroemmingCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (23-12, 1st LW)

I still like this team without Manny Ramirez. People forget Juan Pierre is a quality player, and I expect some of their young guys like James Loney to pick up the slack. It's still hard to imagine anyone else winning the West.


2. Cincinnati Reds (20-14, 6th LW)

The Reds may not be up here for long, but they're playing great baseball. They're an impressive 13-5 on the road and have won six of their last seven games. Cincinnati is tied for third in the NL in ERA (3.98), led by Johnny Cueto's 1.93 mark.


3. St. Louis Cardinals (20-14, 2nd LW)

They've had a rough stretch, going 3-5 since the last PTP rankings, but it's hard to drop a solid team that has the best player in baseball.


4. Philadelphia Phillies (16-15, 3rd LW)

This is another team I think is going to be great this year but has yet to shown its true colors. As the weeks roll on, my confidence may fade.


5. Chicago Cubs (19-14, 4th LW)

Milton Bradley is finally hitting the ball, but now the Cubs are going to have to play without Aramis Ramirez for an extended stretch. Chicago is 9-3 in May.

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