Dolph Ziggler Is Being Wasted by Aimless Booking

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 28, 2013

Dolph Ziggler, with The Miz, at the San Diego Comic Con recently (from
Dolph Ziggler, with The Miz, at the San Diego Comic Con recently (from

Just what is WWE doing with Dolph Ziggler right now?

He’s firmly out of the WWE title picture. He’s had a low-profile on television. He’s also found himself demoted to B shows like Superstars.

Worse still, despite recently turning face, he’s been presented as a coward. On Monday’s Raw he rather pathetically stood by and did nothing while Daniel Bryan got terrorized by The Shield, Triple H and Randy Orton.

OK, so the rest of the roster, including The Big Show and The Miz, didn't get involved either, but special focus seemed to be placed on Ziggler.

No doubt about it, he came off looking bad.  

When you’re trying to establish yourself as a babyface, like Ziggler, the last thing you need is to be shown as frightened and easily intimidated of your evil corporate bosses. Ziggler was like the anti-Steve Austin in that segment. It was dreadful.   

Is all this leading to some kind of angle, or were WWE just keen to make him appear weak?

I’d like to think it’s the former, but it may very well be the latter. Especially when we consider how abysmally Ziggler has been booked in recent times.

It’s almost like WWE are deliberately refraining from doing anything meaningful with the star.

Is he in the doghouse? Did something happen backstage? Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out more in the future, because there really does seem to a problem there.

The star has noted in recent interviews that he’s frustrated right now, and you know what? He should be.

Ziggler has everything it takes to be a main eventer. He’s phenomenally talented, bursting with personality and charisma and over with masses.

He’s also, it has to be said, quite strikingly attractive. Never mind Orton; that is a face you can put on posters and magazines. He arguably has a huge marketability potential that has yet to be tapped in to.

Alas, for whatever reason, WWE is refusing to use him to his full potential. One possible suggestion is the company—accused of being size-obsessed in the past—think that he is too small to headline.

Then again, Bryan is even shorter than Ziggler is, and he’s getting a huge push. Again, we have to conclude that something has happened behind-the-scenes, hence Ziggler’s plummeting status.

Regardless of what may or may not have happened backstage, WWE needs to come to its senses and start pushing him again. With John Cena and Sheamus out, it needs all the stars it can get. Punishing guys over minor things is not a luxury the company can afford right now.