Ironman Athlete Celebrates Too Early, Nearly Wastes over 70 Miles of Hard Work

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Join the rest of a riveted Internet audience in rooting for this guy to lose. 

Deadspin spotted the posted video that features Ironman super bro Jérémy Jurkiewicz, who was at the finish line when he decided to light that victory cigar and toss up his feet in a figurative show of a job well done. 

At the end of the line of the Ironman 70.3 Brazil, Jurkiewicz looks behind him and decides to pull a DeSean Jackson, celebrating way too early

He becomes a human airplane, slaps a high-five and pumps his fists in triumph. That's when the music hits an ominous note and we see Brazilian Igor Amorelli

Amorelli is in an all-out sprint, and all I can do is stand up and shout, "C'mon, Amorelli! Win!"

I've seen this thing roughly a dozen times and continue to root for the man willing to actually finish the race before gloating. 

Unfortunately, the man who traveled 70 miles only to chill out before the finish line notices the sprinting go-getter and decides it's finally time to finish that race. 

The only thing I know about this guy is from this report and video. Granted, he could be the nicest man in the world. However, from this brief video, I can already tell this guy...this is not my kind of guy.

And I certainly don't like the cut of his jib. 

In one last act of brilliant idiocy, he actually holds his hand out to block his opponent. If ever there were a need to remake a sports moment, this would be it. 

Please Hollywood, we know you love to remake things. Go ahead and give me one where this presumptuous athlete loses, because that is the only version that will play through my head. 

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