7 NXT Stars the WWE Should Call Up

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2013

7 NXT Stars the WWE Should Call Up

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    NXT may be just as entertaining as Raw and SmackDown. That's not a knock on those two shows as much as it is a credit to the developmental program.

    There are a number of great talents in NXT that are just itching to shine on the main stage. Just think, the members of The Shield and Big E Langston are guys who were recently NXT stars before getting called up to the big show.

    With that, let's take a look at seven NXT talents that should be brought up to the WWE main roster.

Corey Graves

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    This guy is one that I have been waiting on for a while.

    Corey Graves actually wrestled on SmackDown and Heat over five years ago. That shows you how long Graves has been in the game at a high level.

    He has the ring psychology. He has the look. He can talk. And he has a submission-based style with an awesome toe-hold leglock called 13th Step that he uses as his finisher.

    He would have to be cast as the anti-hero, as he has been cast in NXT. He is easily one of the most interesting characters in developmental. He could get over big time if given the right opportunity.

Adrian Neville

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    The man formerly known as Pac, now known as Adrian Neville, is "The Man Gravity Forgot." And boy, does he live up to that moniker.

    There are few high-flyers with the skills, grace and look of Neville. Evan Bourne can fly high, but he is scrawny compared to Neville. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are high-flyers themselves with their lucha libre styles, but they are dwarfed next to Neville.

    Neville's athleticism, energy and awe-inspiring move set give him the ability to get over without even having to speak. His corkscrew shooting star press is a thing of beauty and equally devastating.

Sami Zayn

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    Sami Zayn may be one of the most refined wrestlers in NXT. For proof, watch his series of matches against fellow workhorse Antonio Cesaro.

    Formerly El Generico in the indys, Zayn brings a good, well-rounded set of skills to the ring. Many people wished that he would've taken that character with him to WWE, but trademarking is a must with the world's largest wrestling promotion.

    However, I think his best chance of getting over would be as El Generico since that character served him so well in his indy days. Obviously, that isn't going to happen, but letting him prove himself in the ring on Raw and SmackDown would allow him to show his skills and his accompanying personality.

    Zayn could be a fun midcard face upon arrival.


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    Let's be honest here. Despite the fact that the Diva's division is on the comeback in the WWE, they are in desperate need of some good workers.

    Outside of Natalya, AJ and Katilyn, there really aren't many good wrestlers. Naomi is improving, Layla is also solid, but Cameron, the Bellas and Aksana are all pretty lousy. They are just there to be eye candy, which is not to say that Natalya, Kaitlyn and AJ aren't beauties in their own right.

    Paige is a good worker, plain and simple. She comes from a wrestling family, puts on great matches, has charisma, possesses ring psychology and can make connections with fans.

    The Anti-Diva represents the opposite of what is in the WWE right now. She is not there to be ogled by male fans, even though it may happen. She is there to kick ass and put on great matches.

    Plus, her trademark scream and the fire she possesses is unique and could bring a great spark to the division.

The Ascension

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    The tag team division is heating up right now. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield are the champs, the Usos have gained momentum, the Prime Time Players are finally getting a bit of a push, the Real Americans are putting on good matches, 3MB is on a great losing streak and the Wyatt Family is just getting started.

    Now imagine this: A match between the Usos and Real Americans is going down. The Real Americans are dominating the match when finally, the Usos get the upper hand. The lights go completely out. A blacklight hits the stage and two eerie figures walk out in their odd attire. It's Conor O'Brien and Rick Victor of The Ascension.

    They hit the ring nailing their team finisher on Antonio Cesaro and Jimmy Uso. They then throw Jey Uso through one of the barricades before putting Jack Swagger through a table. They then pose in the ring in an even more eerie fashion and declare nobody safe in the tag team division.

    Their gimmick has an Undertaker-like fashion to it, without the supernatural powers. They could just be two dark psychopaths.

    That would elevate the tag team division even more.

Leo Kruger

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    Speaking of psychos, Leo Kruger is another example of a good psychological wrestler. The big-game hunter is a methodical killer in the ring with good skills and power.

    His teaming with Kassius Ohno was great. It looked like he was the lackey to Ohno, doing whatever Ohno needed him to do.

    He could be a great heel in that he could hunt down his rivals at any time. He could get them in the parking lot, backstage, at the hotel, after matches and pretty much whenever.

    Plus, he has a boss voice and accent.

Kassius Ohno

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    It appeared that Kassius Ohno was ready to go for the WWE. But as you may know, lack of commitment in the weight room looks to have halted that move.

    Ohno is one of the best talents NXT has to offer. He doesn't have your prototypical WWE Superstar look, but he is the complete package of wrestling, talking, psyche and storytelling.

    Hopefully Ohno gets his act together and does what the WWE wants him to do. He is too good of a talent to be wasting away in the minor leagues.