Madden 25 Review: Highlighting Tight Control, Sharp Features and More

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IAugust 28, 2013

Photo Credit: EA Sports
Photo Credit: EA Sports

For the NFL die-hard who sometimes moonlights as a ninja warrior in the gaming community, the release of EA Sports' best-selling game is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's eve all wrapped in one tasty burrito of awesomeness. 

We can't wait to unwrap the pain-in-the-booty cellophane wrapper that encases the latest Madden game to see what treasures await us inside.

This year's version does not disappoint.

Madden 25 looks amazing, and now, thanks to some phenomenal tweaks in the running game, it plays just as tight as it looks. 

Here's a closer look at those two elements—graphics and control—along with another top feature that will inevitably leave you with no choice but to sacrifice sleep for football.


Tight Control

There's nothing worse than taking a handoff on a running play and seeing a hole you want to exploit in the defense, only to be thwarted by sluggish, un-lifelike controls.

That's not going to be an issue for you when you play Madden 25. 

The development of EA Sports' Run Free feature introduces 30 new moves you can utilize in the running game, according to the company's official website.

The juke move won't get you tackled for a loss, and the seemingly infinite combination of open-field moves you can do with this new feature will make you forget about the passing game for a while.

It's a lot of fun.


Sharp Features

As usual, the game looks fantastic.

The new Infinity 2 Engine incorporates advanced physics without sacrificing quality, which means there are less bugs (a.k.a. bodies tangled up and twitching in piles).

Perhaps the most gorgeous aspect of this year's game is the replays, which are stunning.

The Infinity 2 Engine, combined with the Run Free feature, makes it easy to pull off jaw-dropping, beautiful plays you'll want to watch and re-watch again and again.

Stumble recovery is another new feature that makes the game look and feel more more realistic, and tackling animation has improved.


What'll Keep You Up at Night

For those who love the franchise mode, this year's offering will satisfy your longing. 

Everything that was missing from last year's game is back, and it's better than ever.

49ers fans will likely power through the 2013 season by way of an all-night binge or by simply simulating the season. 

The reason?

Levi's Stadium. While many may have expected EA Sports to keep that gem saved up for 2014, it's in this year's game starting in 2014, and it looks awesome.

Of further note is the ability to once again import college players into your drafts in Franchise Mode, provided you also have a copy of NCAA Football 14 at your disposal. 

It felt weird not being able to do that in last year's game, but thankfully you won't miss out on the fun in this year's game.