Woody Would Not Have Approved of OSU Billboard

The WolverineCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

Today, in an act of brazen classlessness, an Ohio State football support group, Friends of Woody, took out a billboard ad in Detroit next to Music Hall commemorating the 2,000th day since Michigan last beat Ohio State in football.  While the Ohio State faithful are no doubt chuckling, Woody is not.  If the knuckle-heads who collected money for this billboard would have sat down and truly thought about what Woody would have wanted, they would have come to a different conclusion.  You see, Woody was adamantly opposed to giving the state of Michigan a single dime, particularly money that could have flowed instead into Ohio.  We’re not talking about stopping at a gas station on the way back from a game in Ann Arbor, either.  We’re talking about spending Ohio money to support a Michigan billboard.  Some of that money will ultimately flow to Michigan in some form of taxation.  If these wise-guys would have sat down and thought about what Woody would have wanted, they would have taken out the same ad in Columbus.  So, on this 2,000th anniversary, let me be the first Wolverine to thank you for the extra motivation and for your contribution to the Michigan treasury.  We’ll see you on the football field this November.