Drivers Wives Taking Part in the Action of the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IMay 14, 2009

Tonight the Time Warner Cable Arena will play host to the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge in which 24 of NASCAR's best pit crews will battle it out for bragging rights.

The pit crew challenge is not about the drivers or points, it's about showcasing how much of a team sport NASCAR really is.

Some drivers come and support their pit crews but tonight it will be the drivers wives that are taking over their husbands seat.

In the past some drivers have sat in their cars during the competition to stop the car once it crosses the finish line as well as keep it in a straight line going down the runway as the crew pushes.

Tonight, however, two of NASCAR's top stars will be turning over their car to their wives.

Except, they won't have to worry about them going too fast. Just as quick as the crew pushes them. 

On Wednesday night DeLana Harvick, wife of Kevin, wrote on her Twitter account "Ok, so Gil [Martin, Kevin's crew chief] spilled the beans! I am driving in the pit crew challenge tomorrow night. Had my first pit prax w/ the 29 team today!"

DeLana will have the wheel of the No. 29 Shell/Pennzoil Chevrolet as they attempt to win their first pit crew challenge and it will only be the third week that this crew will be wearing the yellow and red colors.

Joining DeLana Harvick will be Krissie Newman who will be behind the wheel of her husband Ryan Newman's Stewart-Haas No. 39 Chevrolet.

And for Ryan, not only will he be paying close attention to his crew tonight, but he has his eye on his wife for a couple of reasons.

"It's going to be interesting to see, number one, if she can see over the steering wheel, number two, if she can hold a straight line, and most important, if she can hit the brake pedal at the end of the straightaway after the guys push her," Nemwan said. "That's what got my eye coming this weekend."

The Sprint Pit Crew Challenge will take place at 7 PM Eastern time tonight and will air on the Speed Channel at 9 PM Eastern time.

The crews for Kevin Harvick and Ryan Newman will be trying to take the crown away from the defending champions of Brian Vickers Red Bull Racing team.