The Best Uniforms in Detroit Red Wings History

PJ Sapienza@@pjsapiContributor IIIAugust 28, 2013

The Best Uniforms in Detroit Red Wings History

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    The Detroit Red Wings are one of the oldest teams in the NHL. They have actually had three names since the birth of the franchise in 1926. It started off as the Cougars until 1930, when it became the Falcons.  James Norris bought the team in 1932 and changed its name to the Red Wings.

    Since the winged wheel was adopted, there have been very few changes. The Wings' logo has become one of the most iconic in all of sports.

    During the Cougar and Falcon years, there were several uniform changes. The Cougars would change uniforms in each of their four years. After becoming the Red Wings, there have only been minimal alterations.

    Here are the three best uniforms in franchise history.

3. A New Name

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    1932 was the first year that the team was called the Red Wings. That also meant a new logo and uniform. For being the first Red Wings uniform, the 1932 version makes the list.

    It is a small logo, especially by today’s standards, but it has stood the test of time.

2. 1926 Detroit Cougars

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    Although they were the Detroit Cougars in 1926, this ranks as a great jersey.  

    The Detroit Tigers had begun using the old English-style “D” in 1904. When the Cougars joined the NHL, they adopted it for their first season. It is a classic and simple jersey, but was only used for one year.

1. Current Uniform

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    In 1982, the jersey went through some major changes that were then tweaked a little over the next few seasons. After making the logo larger and changing the style of letters and numbers, the team settled on the jersey we see today in 1986.

    There have been subtle changes since then, but it has remained essentially the same.

    Many teams have to change their uniforms and logos often in an effort to chase the perfect one. Luckily for the Red Wings, they found their perfect set years ago.