Rick Pitino Now Caught Up in an ABORTION and Extortion Case?

Jersey ChaserContributor IIMay 14, 2009

Something big is going to drop in this Rick Pitino vs Karen Sypher case and we just might know what it is. But first a quick overview of the case. Karen Sypher, who is married to the Louisville Basketball Manager, plead innocent to charges that she tried to extort close to $10 mil from Rick Pitino yesterday.

Now up until now no one knew what bit of info Karen had on Pitino to make her think that she could get him to pay for her kids college tuition, buy her two cars, pay off her house, on top of getting $3,000 per month.

We were all thinking he just beat one night and she was trying to get the money to keep quite. But now new evidence shows it might have been deeper than that.

Direct your attention to the photos above. That’s one Karen’s sons (Kaleb Wise the one with the Astrix next to him) and the one on the far right holding the sign that reads, “What’s The Price Of An Abortion?“.

Could it have been $10 million to Karen Sypher’s? And if you need proof that that is her son look no further than here.

For those that hate reading: We’re saying that Karen was trying to get paid from Pitino because she was pregs with his kid and he made her have an abortion and this all went down while he was married!

Mystery solved, call us Sherlock Holmes.