Future Plans for AJ Lee, Backstage Reaction to Promo

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 27, 2013

A.J. Lee cut a very good promo on Raw (from WWE.com).
A.J. Lee cut a very good promo on Raw (from WWE.com).

It looks like WWE has some major plans in the future for AJ Lee and the rest of the Divas division.

Interestingly, on an edition of Raw in which Daniel Bryan wrecked Randy Orton's brand-new car and Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel tortured poor CM Punk for what seemed like forever, most people came out of the show talking about Divas champion Lee's utterly fantastic work/shoot promo on the Total Divas cast. 

She was mad. She was scathing. She was hilarious, especially when she (quite astutely) pointed out that new Divas Eva Marie and JoJo didn't actually do much and were rather useless. Her delivery was also world-class.

Technically, Lee is supposed to be the heel here. But it was difficult not to cheer for her during this promo. She was that good.

In today's F4W Daily update, Bryan Alvarez writes that people backstage were, unsurprisingly, raving about her mic work and notes that this storyline, and AJ, will pop up on Total Divas later in the year:

There were people in WWE, a lot of them, actually, including the announcers, obviously raving about AJ's promo last night. Obviously, it was all being shot as part of the next season (well, the continuation of season 1 with six additional episodes) of Total Divas. There were cameras filming an angle backstage, the promo and the girls' reactions, and it'll lead to an AJ vs. Total Divas cast member at Night of Champions, also to be filmed for the E! show.

Ideally, this development will lead to the Divas champion ending up as a regular cast member on Total Divas.

Truthfully, Lee probably should have been featured on the reality show right from the beginning. It's difficult to imagine how the achingly bland JoJo and Eva Marie made the cut but she didn't.

While a big ratings hit for E! and WWE, Total Divas is a decidedly mixed bag.

The show was heavily promoted around the Bella Twins, but neither Nikki or Brie stand out that much. John Cena will pop up now and again to give Nikki some life-affirming advice (and he is always right), but even he can't save their contrived segments.

Really, the show has made two genuine stars: the much-mocked Ariane Andrew, who has a cool catchphrase ("Girl, Bye!"), an attitude and is clearly suited to reality television, and the nice, down-to-earth Natalya. That's about it.

Maybe Lee can join the cast full-time and freshen things up considerably?