Christian's Killswitch and the Top 5 Worst Finishers in WWE Today

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Christian's Killswitch and the Top 5 Worst Finishers in WWE Today

It’s hard to make lists like these—ones disputing the legitimacy of fake moves in a scripted environment. It becomes important, then, to define your stringent criteria. They differ from person from person, because not everyone values, say, impact over difficulty to execute.

This list was made relying on these core points (or the lack of them): impact, importance and flexibility. Impact refers to how good a move comes off to the viewers. If Mark Henry can make a simple powerslam look damaging, then major points to him.

Importance denotes how much credibility WWE entrusts in that move. If a simple DDT is causing major title changes, then we need to get a bit more critical.

Flexibility refers to how easily a wrestler can implement the move. If it can "come out of nowhere," that brings in the excitement and suspense. If it requires a Superstar to be in a particular position, it loses points.

Lastly, this is all, of course, personal opinion. What I consider horrible may not be considered quite as awful by any of you, and that’s fine. No one’s stupid, no one’s a smark and everyone goes home happy. Hopefully.

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