Could The Miz Revive His WWE Career as Part of the Corporate Angle?

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 27, 2013

While the WWE is doing a good job of making Wade Barrett a part of The Corporation (I like to think of him as "Jobber to the Stars"), would it be wise to make other members of the company roster a part of this angle in an effort to revive careers or make mid card wrestlers more marketable.

Monday night notwithstanding, The Miz could make some headway in getting over not only with the fans as a true face but also as one of the WWE’s best marketing tools now that John Cena is gone. It would be wise for the company to somehow get him involved in this program.

When wrestlers like Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and Miz were asked by Renee Young what they thought about Daniel Bryan’s gauntlet match with The Shield, all three were mum. Of the three, the only one who showed any emotion was Big Show, who looked like he wanted to explode at times during the match.

You say it best when you say nothing at all. When The Miz started to say something to Young, he stopped in mid sentence. Not the best acting job, but you get the point. All three acted as though they would lose their job.

I personally think Miz is best suited as a heel, and arrogance and style are tailored to a heel role in the company. But there is also a part of me that thinks Cena's injury will be a problem for the WWE in some other aspects than in the ring.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan do not move merchandise like Cena; neither is as charismatic and neither can leap off a page as a cartoon character like Cena. The Miz can do all those things. Punk is great at speaking his mind, and Bryan is coming around as a solid worker on the mic. The Miz is already there.

Monday night may have tipped the WWE’s hand as to the wrestlers who will eventually jump to the aid of Bryan in this fight. The Miz was one of them. It’s a solid move, if it happens. I suspect there may be a wrestler or two who will join the fight with the McMahons and Randy Orton against the diminutive Bryan.

We must wait and see, but Ryback could be a prime candidate, and I am still holding out hope Batista, if he makes a return to the company, will side with Orton and Triple H.

The Miz once said (when Daniel Bryan was the World Champion) he thought he and Daniel Bryan should team together in the future. Now is his chance to make that happen. The two faces in the WWE are in a position to show they can work together again as they have done before.

It would give Daniel Bryan someone to join the fight (along with Big Show, Ziggler and Mark Henry in time), and it would certainly make a miscast Miz look a whole lot better than he has looked in recent months.