WWE Night of Champions 2013: Smart Predictions for Punk's Match at PPV

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

Ladies and gentlemen, CM Punk is angry.

And all of his anger is aimed with pinpoint accuracy at his former best friend Paul Heyman and Heyman's current client, WWE Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel.

Despite the fact that Punk has had various run-ins with the duo, he has yet to exact a real measure of revenge on Heyman, due in large part to the presence of Axel.

Heyman and Axel have come out on top in most of the encounters they have had with the "Second City Saint," mainly due to their strength in numbers and a variety of weapons.

Without the intercontinental title on the line in this contest, the only thing Axel has to lose in this one is the respect of Heyman.

And possibly his future wrestling career.

If Punk's past level of aggression is any indication, the champ is in store for a world of pain.

But on any given night, anything can happen. Here of a few ways the match could shape up.

First of all, it is likely Punk will come away from this match with a win. He is simply too much for Axeland, in turn, for Heyman. Yes, the duo got the best of Punk on Raw, but it took handcuffs, a kendo stick and a chair to do so.

Punk is far too experienced and established to even be in a feud with Axel right now. The company attempted to legitimize Axel quickly by having him feud with Triple H and John Cena upon his re-debut. But it did very little to make him look intimidating, allowing him to do everything except win cleanly. Despite his wins over The Miz and Chris Jericho, Axel is merely a placeholder until a new Heyman guy debuts or a new intercontinental champion is crowned.

Even with the odds stacked against him, Punk is far too savvy to be victimized yet again by the duo.

The second possibility is Axel winning the match in clean fashion. This is incredibly unlikely. But given the fact that the company loves to keep the audience on its toes, it is always an outside shot. Axel does have good in-ring skills, but he's simply not in Punk's league.

Finally, it is always entirely possible that Axel and Heyman will get the win with a great deal of help from either weapons or a newly debuting Heyman guy.

The duo has proved it is capable of taking Punk down as a team, but if Punk is able to overcome the odds, the team will likely be in trouble. Even with his arms handcuffed behind his back, Punk was able to briefly mount an offensive on Raw, and unless the duo has another trick up its sleeves (which history tells us is possible, especially with Heyman), Punk will win.

Matching Punk against Axel, who is Heyman's lone client at the moment, is a move the company had to make given the fact that Punk has yet to exact his revenge on Heyman for all of his past indiscretions.

And if Punk can take care of Axel, Heyman will be in perhaps the most dire situation of his entire career. Punk is good when he's calm. But he'll be almost unstoppable now that he has something to fight for.