11 2014 Recruits Who Play the Strongest at the Point of Attack

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IAugust 27, 2013

11 2014 Recruits Who Play the Strongest at the Point of Attack

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    Football is a contact sport, so players have to be able to play strong and stout at the point of attack. If they fail to have the strength to hold their own colliding and engaging with their opponent, they will lose their on-on-one battle and it could result in a negative play for their team.

    When especially evaluating offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers, running backs and tight ends, it is crucial to observe the player's point-of-attack strength. A recruit who is lacking in this area, or who is deemed to play "small" at the point of attack, can see a dip in his stock.

    A quartet of linebackers love to physically challenge blockers and shed them to make plays. Several defensive tackles play like giants at the point of attack, and two running backs are surprise additions to this list.

    Player evaluations are based on review of tape at Scout.comRivals247Sports and ESPNU.

Casey Tucker, OT

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    A former USC commit, Casey Tucker is a 4-star offensive tackle who is dominant at the point of attack. He can roll off the ball at the snap, punch his target and quickly gain leverage to win his personal battle during a play.

    Tucker, who is 6'6" and 270 pounds, can control and steer his targets away from alleys to make room for his running backs. He loves to quick-set rushers on passing plays so he can forcefully pop their chest-plates with his mitts and anchor down to end their progress at the line of scrimmage.

    The Arizona native is expected to sign with either Texas A&M or Arizona State, according to 247Sports

Kain Daub, LB

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    Although he appears to be stiff in space and displays traits of a straight-line athlete, Kain Daub is a linebacker offensive linemen, fullbacks and tight ends do not want to mess with on the field.

    He has a thick 6'3", 234-pound frame and can powerfully strike an opponent at the point of attack, press blockers off of him and make a thumping hit on a running back.

    Daub, a 4-star prospect, is a tough player who prides himself on being physical, especially when colliding with a member of the opposing team. 

Elijah Hood, RB

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    Elijah Hood is a 4-star running back from North Carolina who high school defenders should not try to tackle. He runs with outstanding power and can bury tacklers at the point of attack.

    Hood, who is 5'11.5" and 222 pounds, is intimidating to safeties who attempt to support the run from the top of the defense. He has a angry running style, looks like bull in the open field and has the strength to carry multiple defenders downfield after contact.

    The former Notre Dame commit is expected to sign with North Carolina, per 247Sports

Bryan Mone, DT

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    At 6'4" and 338 pounds, Bryan Mone wins half of his battles by intimidating his opponents. At the snap, he can pummel offensive linemen who do not quickly get out of their stances.

    Mone, a 4-star Michigan commit, has heavy hands, and they could be considered lethal weapons. If an offensive lineman engages Mone and allows him to extend his arms, he is likely going to end up on his back.


Nyles Morgan, LB

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    Nyles Morgan plays with excellent passion and intensity at the linebacker position. He belongs on this list due to his willingness to challenge lead blockers at the point of attack.

    Although he has the quickness to slip blocks and avoid offensive linemen in the box, Morgan prefers to forcefully strike opponents early in games to send a message and set the tone.

    By doing this, it makes his opponents think twice about challenging him as the game wears on, which frees him up to make more plays.

    Morgan, who is 6'2" and 228 pounds, has Vanderbilt and Ole Miss at the top of his list, says 247Sports

Lamont Gaillard, DT

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    Georgia is going to love Lamont Gaillard, a 4-star defensive tackle from North Carolina. He has good quickness at the snap, can jump on top of blockers and push offensive fronts with power.

    Gaillard, who is 6'3" and 310 pounds, can work to get his hands under a blocker's pads and walk him deep behind the line of scrimmage. His heavy mitts appear to be strong, and he uses them in a violent manner.

    Look for Gaillard to become one of the best run defenders in the SEC. 

Clifton Garrett, LB

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    When he quickly reads his keys and attacks the line of scrimmage, Clifton Garrett is one of the best defensive players in America. He defines the term "physical" and has the mentality of a bully.

    Garrett, who is 6'2" and 228 pounds, fires into alleys to stuff holes with force and relishes contact. The 4-star 'backer stands up blockers at the point of attack thanks to brute strength, violently sheds and explodes into running backs.

    Although Garrett is from Illinois, his style of play fits best in the SEC.

Damien Mama, OG

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    Damien Mama is a 5-star offensive lineman who is a mauler in the running game. He is at his best when he can work in a "phone booth" or short area, where his strength, power and tenacity can punish defensive linemen.

    Mama, who is 6'4" and 370 pounds, plays to his size at the point of attack. He displays adequate quickness at the snap, loves to latch on to his targets and can forcefully dictate to them where he wants them to go.

    He may not be the ideal fit for a team with an up-tempo spread offense, but put Mama in a downhill/man-on-man power-blocking scheme and he could have an NFL future.

    It would be surprising if he did not sign with USC. 

Elisha Shaw, DL

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    If a college program needs a defensive lineman who explodes at the point of attack, Elisha Shaw should be the top guy on its list. 

    He displays wonderful power throughout his arms and shoulders, can anchor versus massive offensive linemen and has the strength to shed. Shaw, who stands nearly 6'5" and weighs 295 pounds, is a 4-star prospect from Georgia.

    He has the ability to play the 5-technique in a 3-4 defense, but he is strong enough to develop into a nose tackle. Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama are his leaders, says 247Sports

Raekwon McMillan, LB

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    At 6'2" and 242 pounds, Raekwon McMillan is a 5-star linebacker from Georgia. His excellent size is not his sole weapon to intimidate offenses, as McMillan's point of attack strength can make opponents shy away from him.

    The Peach State prospect has great instincts and anticipation. He quickly finds the ball, powers through blocks with a violent demeanor and explodes on running backs to make big hits. 

    Even with his great size, McMillan plays bigger at the point of attack. He is expected to sign with Ohio State, according to the experts at 247Sports

Andrew Brown, DT

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    Andrew Brown is a 5-star defensive tackle who can beat blockers with quickness at the snap, or by beating them up at the point of attack.

    He is a physical player who is a solid athlete for the position and possesses great strength.

    Brown, who is 6'4" and 282 pounds, can shock blockers at the point of attack by powerfully punching them, anchoring down and holding his ground. He flashes good hand usage, can extend his arms to press at times and bull-rush to get to the quarterback.

    Brown is committed to Virginia, where he will make an early impact for the Cavaliers.


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