Braves Fan Goes Up for Baseball and Comes Down Humiliated

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Let this be a lesson to you baseball fans: Just let the ball go. brings us this video of a fan who was so amped to get a free baseball that he lost his mind and took quite the tumble because of it. 

In the ninth inning of an eventual 5-2 Braves win over the Cardinals on Sunday, a ball gets tossed into the stands. 

While most in the vicinity are content to merely raise their arms to reach for the ball, one fan decides to do his best Dwight Howard impersonation and bring down a treasured rebound. 

Little did he know that the little kid next to him was far more fixated on the game and kept his legs up while the ball was being tossed. As you can see, our overzealous fan gets to see what a stage dive into seats feels like. 

Obviously, the star of the show is the little kid who was far more reserved when a free baseball was thrown his way. Perhaps he remembered that these things can be purchased with his allowance. 

Not sure what it is, but we continue to lose our minds the second we enter a baseball stadium. Suddenly, beach balls and $5 hot dogs are must-have items.

Hell, you can even convince thousands of people to get out of their seats just to mimic what a wave looks like, and we absolutely love it.

Thankfully, this man's dream of one day getting a free ball at a baseball game is now fulfilled. Not only that, but his favorite team won the game in St. Louis. 

Now get him a foam finger and some cotton candy, and we may just have the happiest adult in the world. 

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