Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis Homer at Request of Fan with Cerebral Palsy

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 26, 2013

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 24: Carlos Santana #41 of the Cleveland Indians celebrates after hitting a two-run home run during the first inning against the Minnesota Twins at Progressive Field on August 24, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Forget Batman and Robin, because Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis are a real-life dynamic duo, teaming up to deliver heroic efforts all to brighten the day of an eight-year-old with cerebral palsy

The Associated Press, via Yahoo! Sports, (h/t Eye on Baseball's Matt Snyder) reports Niko Lanzarotta, a boy who has had cerebral palsy since he was eight months old, met with Santana and Kipnis Saturday night and had a simple request: a home run apiece, please.

It seems accomplishing the feat was just as simple:

Santana, who is Niko's favorite player, hit a two-run homer in the first. Kipnis added a two-run shot in the third. Niko's night was made complete when the Indians defeated the Twins 7-2.

Get these guys some capes and a couple of cowls.

David Brown and Yahoo! Sports recount some of the more modern home run requests that went fulfilled. Mo Vaughn and David Wright are just a couple. Of course, we cannot forget the three home runs Babe Ruth hit in the World Series.

Still, it's remarkable that two players would team up to slam home runs in the same game. We can chalk this one up to the power of the Indians' biggest fan. 

As noted, the team is a perfect 6-0 in games the young boy has attended this season. The Indians are 2.0 games behind the Oakland A's for the last wild-card spot, so it may be time to get Lanzarotta his very own seat at Progressive Field. 

Santana was as humble as can be with his efforts. However, Kipnis is just happy to have Lanzarotta around, because the emotional boost may have cracked a power slump

''They told me I was their favorite player, and I promised to hit a home run for him,'' Santana said.

''He must be a good luck charm for us two,'' said Kipnis, who broke an 0-for-19 slump earlier in the game and homered for the first time since July 21.

While the Indians are in the hunt for an important spot in the playoffs, there are things far more important than baseball. 

The two HRs managed to give this young boy a day he will never forget. The boy's father, Mike Lanzarotta, issued that the homers provided more than just runs on a scoreboard. 

''It was an awesome experience,'' Mike Lanzarotta said. ''It was the best day of his life. To meet Carlos, to be that close, and for him to hit a home run. ... To see your kid that happy is a great thing.''

Santana and Kipnis received a much-needed jolt from a remarkable boy, but the real joy goes to Lanzarotta, who believes his favorite players are capable of anything. 

It's a beautiful innocence we aren't normally granted. On Saturday, baseball was a simple game that delivered the greatest of memories for one fan. 

Thankfully, we all get to enjoy this amazing tale that only seems too good to be true. 


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