Heat on Hulk Hogan in TNA over WWE Video Game Deal?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 26, 2013

Is Hogan having issues with TNA?
Is Hogan having issues with TNA?Paul Kane/Getty Images

Is there heat on Hulk Hogan from TNA over his deal with WWE's 2K14 game? Per recent reports, this may indeed be the case.

Hogan, as previously mentioned, will be available as a character on the upcoming WWE/Take Two video game (it's out at the end of October).

Of course, as PWInsider, via Wrestling Inc, notes, Hogan's deal is technically with Take Two, not WWE. However, it's difficult to imagine TNA brass being over the moon with this development. TNA has paid Hogan a great deal of money over the past few years only for him to turn around and (indirectly) ink a deal with its main rival.

Can you imagine a top WWE star signing a deal on their own to be featured in a TNA video game? Of course not. It would (rightly or wrongly) be seen as hugely disloyal.

Unsurprisingly, Wrestling Observer, via Wrestlezone, reports that there is heat on Hogan over the matter:

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Hulk Hogan signing the deal with 2K Sports to be featured in WWE 2K14 generated much speculation regarding Hogan's future with TNA. While Hogan's TNA contract allows him to make outside deals, many took his signing the 2K deal as a public "slap in the face" of TNA. Hogan's current deal with TNA is said to be expiring within the next few months.

The report then goes on to note that things between Hogan and the company are somewhat up in the air right now:

In related news, keeping Hulk Hogan off TNA TV for the past few weeks has been a significant cost cutting measure for the company. As we previously reported, Hogan is expected to return to TNA TV at this week's Impact tapings in Cleveland.

Let's be honest: Things in America's No. 2 wrestling company are dire right now. As various sites have noted, the company is having serious financial issues, leading them to cut various stars to reduce the budget.

Hogan's daughter Brooke was also released last week, something that couldn't have gone over well at all with "The Immortal One."

TNA has also been besieged by bad publicity in recent months, most notably when the recently released Jesse Sorensen shockingly claimed in an interview with Highspots that the company had declined to pay his medical bills after he suffered a badly broken neck wrestling for them in early 2012. Per Sorensen, his mother was forced into bankruptcy by the debts (via CageSideSeats).

Make no mistake: That sort of terrible PR is very difficult to come back from.

At this point, things don't look good at all. Disloyal or not, can we really blame Hogan, or any wrestler, for looking elsewhere?