Wizards' Star John Wall Makes It Drizzle at Washington D.C. Nightclub

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 26, 2013

Apparently, the forecast was crowded with a chance of dollar bills. 

DC Sports Bog happened upon this Instagram video featuring Washington Wizards star guard John Wall making it rain on the crowd at Washington D.C. area nightclub Stadium. 

Although, when can you truly say an athlete is "making it rain"? 

Because the day just isn't complete without silly debates, we will accept your thoughts in the comments section below. 

TMZ once reported Floyd Mayweather threw in upward of $50,000 at a Las Vegas strip club. In this case, we assume Wall's contribution to the night's proceedings was a great deal smaller. 

Here is a snapshot of a pile of money, via a tweet from Eric Taylor:

It Was Real In Here! S/O @johnwall @werunhiphop @eviplist @drethemayor pic.twitter.com/moqyJDz9dr

— Eric eVIPlist Taylor (@eVIPlist) August 25, 2013 

Wall didn't have to throw any amount of cash on the nightclub crowd. Really, he should be commended for showing his love for Washington denizens while doing it in a responsible manner. That's fairly revolutionary when you consider how most athletes spend money. 

As DC Sports Bog notes, Wall was in the area to take in the Goodman League Roundball Classic that is being dominated by Kevin Durant at the moment. 

He even chimed in with his thoughts to Ben Standig of CSN Washington:

He's (Durant) one of the top two best players in the league. He's going to do what he do. It's just exciting to be here. Even though I'm not playing, I always come out and show support.

And that is the sentiment of a guy with class. 

If you need convincing, take a gander at the byproduct of a sudden storm of dollar bills raining down on a fortunate party crowd. 

Now if you see Wall out there, bring an umbrella. 


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