NBA Live 14: Rising Star Mode Makes This Year's Game Must-Own

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2013

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The excitement surrounding the release of NBA Live 14 Nov. 15 for PlayStation 4 (exact date not revealed for Xbox One), has basketball fans and hardcore gamers alike ready for the latest edition in the series.

While there are plenty of features that make purchasing this game worth the investment, gamers from around the world will look forward to playing the new Rising Star career mode.

Fans now have the ability to control almost every aspect of a player's career by choosing a position and what kind of mindset each has playing that role. Whether it’s a pass-first point guard or a lumbering center, the choice is up to you in NBA Live 14.

This much hype around a feature will have high expectations from gamers, but the new Ignite Engine should have fans very pleased with the changes in the career mode.

Specially designed for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the new fundamental improvements to how players move in the game will make the Ignite system the most innovative on the next generation of consoles.

There is no question that there will be a major increase in how visually stimulating the graphics will become (a full graphics breakdown of PS4 and Xbox One, via Matt Swider of TechRadar), but the complete control on the court of your player will be unparalleled.

The additions of bounceTek technology, CourtQ and other elements make the career mode feel even more realistic, and nothing will match how NBA Live 14 blurs the lines of the game and the NBA.

Not only are these improved features in the game that will help bring new fans to the series, but the developers and public relations people at EA Sports also made sure fans saw how great this game can be by helping orchestrate the 2013 Under Armour Elite 24 event in New York last Saturday, Aug. 24.

The best high school players in the country were in Brooklyn showing off their talents in support of the video game release. With the Under Armour game now integrated into the draft process for the latest edition of NBA Live 14, the game’s Rising Star career mode will be the most realistic to date.

Basketball fans won’t want to miss this release.