Fantasy Football Team Names: Funny Monikers Commemorating 2012 Season

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Fantasy Football Team Names: Funny Monikers Commemorating 2012 Season
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There are plenty of ways to come up with a good fantasy football team name. You can make a pun off of a player's name. You can pick something more personal, like an inside joke or a burn on one of your friends.

Or you can turn to the season prior for a commemorative name that celebrates—or even better, mocks—something that happened in the season prior.

In this list, I've compiled a few such names. They may not be as clever as a well-done pun nickname—Double Dwayne Bowe remains the best fantasy name of all time—but they should take you back to some of the more absurd moments from a season ago. 

The Fail Marys

These were the dark days of the replacement referee era, when the stand-in refs cost the Green Bay Packers a win (and ultimately a bye week in the playoffs). 

If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan still maintaining that Golden Tate made the catch, well, c'mon—he clearly didn't. It's time to admit the Packers were wronged. 

But hey, at least you could get a solid team name out of it. 

The Butt Fumbles

Will you ever get tired of watching that? Ever? 

Because I won't. It's just so wonderful. 

The Blackouts

Hey, remember how awesome last year's Super Bowl (you know, the Harbowl) was? Remember how Colin Kaepernick nearly led the San Francisco 49ers back from a 28-6 deficit, as the team scored 17 unanswered points? 

And do you remember how the Niners went on that run and nearly caught the Baltimore Ravens after a 34-minute blackout paused the game?

It was one of the most bizarre moments in Super Bowl history, as the stadium went black and CBS scrambled to fill the space with a team of on-air personalities that were quickly out of their element. 

In other words, it was pretty fantastic. And in the end, not only very memorable but a momentum shift that gave the game a great finish.

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