Manchester United-Arsenal: Young Guns Run Out of Firepower

Simon MartinSenior Writer IApril 13, 2008

In a dramatic match, Arsenal's title hopes, and their last chance of a trophy, disappeared.

Arsenal have been a fantastic team to watch all year. Credit where credit is due: But at the end of the day, their squad has been too small, too young and too inexperienced.

It's easy to lay the blame at Wenger's door, but some dodgy decisions by referees and horrific injuries have laid waste to Arsenal's season.

A combination of factors have denied this energetic young team their first trophy.

To the match, and what can be said?

Arsenal's goal, a hand ball, was their lucky moment, and despite averaging 73 percent of the possession, did little with it, while Manchester United were relaxed, comfortable and able to take a free kick as well!

Owen Hargreaves spectacular shot could win goal of the season, in my opinion.

Then a needless handball by William Gallas sealed Arsenal's fate.

The story of their season: hugely impressive, skilful and quick-footed. But young and lacking that va-va voom.

On to Manchester United—Barcelona, methinks.