The 10 Worst Dressed Coaches in College Basketball

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistAugust 25, 2013

The 10 Worst Dressed Coaches in College Basketball

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    During the long college basketball offseason there are no actual games to discuss, so we have a chance to focus on the really important topics, such as which coaches are the worst dressed on the sidelines.

    Honestly, how can a leader of a premier college basketball program expect his players to reach their maximum potential on the floor if he is not reaching his maximum style potential off the floor?

    Read on to see the 10 worst dressed coaches in college basketball because it is the offseason and you’re just that desperate for anything hoops.

Bruce Weber, Kansas State

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    Let’s harken back to Bruce Weber’s Illinois days for a minute in honor of the deceased pumpkin that he used to wear as a blazer.

    Props to Weber for thinking outside the box, but sometimes people can stray a bit too far outside the box.

Rick Pitino, Louisville

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    Rick Pitino is one of the best coaches to ever prowl the sidelines in college basketball, but I’ll let Esquire explain why the all-white suit doesn’t work because they know a bit more about fashion than me:

    Because there will only ever be one Colonel Sanders, and that isn't even the half of it: Even in Louisville, where dandy experimentation is welcome, Pitino too often wants to steal the show from his players. And coaches should ultimately focus on coaching, not costumes.

Craig Robinson, Oregon State

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    Craig Robinson often doesn’t wear a tie for Oregon State games, which is fine on the surface.

    Still, if there was any coach in the country who understands how wearing a tie as a leader can establish a look of confidence and charisma it would be the president’s brother-in-law.


Mike Brey, Notre Dame

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    Keep trying with that turtleneck Mike Brey, keep trying.

Oliver Purnell, DePaul

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    If we are going to knock Mike Brey for the turtleneck, we need to knock the occasional turtleneck-wearer Oliver Purnell as well. The only difference is Purnell occasionally wore an orange blazer when he was with Clemson.


Bob Huggins, West Virginia

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    The man can coach. The man can wear a track suit.

    But Bob Huggins should never do both at the same time.

Steve Alford, UCLA

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    The red jacket and tie combination he occasionally donned on the sidelines was rough. Rumor has it that he signed a 10-year deal with a good-looking suit company before reneging on it immediately after signing and going with the red instead.

John Beilein, Michigan

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    How can a school say its school colors are maize and blue while its basketball coach and team dresses in a yellow that is brighter than the sun?

    That is not maize, and obviously the head basketball coach should take a stand here, which is why he's on the list.

Tom Crean, Indiana

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    Esquire calls Tom Crean out for having his tie so long it hangs below his belt, but considering how his doppelganger Dwight Schrute shows up for work it could be much worse (short-sleeved dress shirts anyone?).

Greg Kampe, Oakland

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    If Bob Huggins added a sweater vest to the track suit we’d be in business.

    Or we’d just have Greg Kampe of Oakland.

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