Madden 25 Player Ratings: Low-Rated Players Who Are Great in Connected Franchise

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 24, 2013

image from Madden 25
image from Madden 25

In Madden 25, gamers have the choice of controlling a player, an entire team or an organization as the owner. If you don't want all the responsibility of controlling a team or organization, you can simply control one player from any team in the NFL. You can also choose to create a player.

While creating a superhuman player or controlling a star like Aaron Rodgers may be great for some, many gamers like to pick a fun, low-rated player to set a challenge for themselves.

Three players stick out as appealing choices if you're looking for a challenge but still want to control a prospect with exciting physical tools.


Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders

The Challenges

Pryor won't win any throwing accuracy awards with his 72 rating in that important category. He is rated a modest 70 overall, but that's a little deceiving. His awareness rating is just a 52, and that drastically diminishes his overall status.

However, if you're controlling him, the awareness rating goes out the window.

Pryor will have to win the starting job from Matt Flynn—unless you elect to make him an instant starter—but with Flynn rated just a 78 overall, that may not be too difficult.


The Upside

As one of the fastest quarterbacks in the game, Pryor is a definite dual threat. His speed rating of 90 is only second to Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III's 92 rating at the position.

Pryor has an edge over those two more accomplished players because of his size. He's 6'6" and weighs 230 pounds. His injury rating is a 90 compared to a 73 for Vick and 84 for RG3.

As strength goes, only Ben Roethlisberger, Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco and Josh Freeman are stronger.

Because he's only 24 years old, he still has time to improve through your Connected Franchise experience.


Tavon Austin, St, Louis Rams

The Challenges

Winning jump balls probably won't happen often with Austin; he's just 5'8". Even though he has a respectable 85 jump rating, his diminutive size is a limitation. Likewise, his strength rating is just 51.


The Upside

As explosiveness in Madden 25 goes, there are few superior to Austin. Check out these ratings: 95 speed, 98 agility, 97 acceleration and 95 elusiveness. Don't mistake him for a speed merchant with bad hands, though. As a rookie, he already has an 82 hands rating.

With a 76 overall mark, Austin is the highest-rated Rams receiver, so you'll see a lot of the field from the beginning if you select him. 


Jon Bostic, Chicago Bears

The Challenges

Bostic is currently beneath D.J. Williams on the Chicago Bears' depth chart. Williams is rated an 80, while Bostic is just a 67 overall. This could mean you'll have to wait your turn to play, or you'll have to make an impact on special teams.


The Upside

The rookie middle linebacker has a speed and tackle rating of 83. That's a pretty solid base in two key categories. In addition to that, Bostic's hit power rating is an 85. Some of the other categories haven't quite come along for him, but he has all the tools to make big plays immediately.

Williams is only signed to a one-year-deal, so Bostic should get a look as the starter in the second year at the latest.


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