Madden 25: Teams with Ideal Ratings That Will Be Most Fun to Play As

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of Denver Post
Photo courtesy of Denver Post

While gamers certainly enjoy using their favorite teams in Madden, not every football fan is blessed with a juggernaut to root for. When it comes to Madden, winning is usually far more important than loyalty, so a select few teams tend to become used more than others on a yearly basis.

In anticipation of an August 27 drop into stores, EA Sports has released the Madden 25 player ratings. The ratings, which have been transcribed by Christopher Littmann of Sporting News, are largely accurate and paint an interesting picture of the NFL landscape. Not surprisingly, there are a handful of teams that seem to stand out above the rest.

Here are three teams in particular that will get plenty of usage in Madden 25 as gamers look to get the upper hand on their opponents.


Denver Broncos

NFL fans everywhere have waxed poetic about the potential of the Denver Broncos offense this season in real life, and the team's Madden 25 ratings certainly reflect that.

As is the case with the actual team, everything starts with quarterback Peyton Manning. The future Hall of Famer is a 97 overall with 99 awareness, 89 throw power and 95 throw accuracy, so there is no question that he'll be able to get the most out of the many weapons at his disposal.

Gamers who use the Broncos will have an embarrassment of riches to utilize offensively, as Denver has three wide receivers with a rating of 87 better and two tight ends at 80 or better.

New acquisition Wes Welker leads the way at 93 overall. His 85 speed is nothing to write home about, but his 96 rating in both catching and route running will make him a perfect target across the middle.

Demaryius Thomas will also be a force to be reckoned with at 90 overall with 96 speed and 95 jumping. Eric Decker rounds out the receiving corps with an 87 overall and solid ratings across the board in all major categories.

While the Broncos defense doesn't necessarily measure up to their offense, there are some bright spots worth noting.

The most significant among them is left outside linebacker Von Miller, who checks in at 97 overall. Miller has a 99 in both finesse moves and pursuit, as well as a 90 in power moves, so he will make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks.

Also, the Broncos have 93 overall cornerback Champ Bailey patrolling the defensive backfield, so the Denver defense should be able to hold its own while you're lighting up the scoreboard.


Atlanta Falcons

Like the Broncos, the Atlanta Falcons will be extremely difficult to stop on offense in Madden 25. Quarterback Matt Ryan gives them a great foundation with his 94 rating along with 89 throw power and 94 accuracy.

Pretty much any quarterback could succeed with the weapons that the Falcons possess in this year's game. Some teams have one dangerous offensive player at most, but the Falcons boast four guys who will wreak havoc on opposing teams.

The wide receiver combo of Roddy White and Julio Jones take center stage as they are rated 93 and 92 respectively. White is more of a possession receiver with 96 catching and 97 route running, while Jones is an explosive playmaker. Jones has 95 speed, 94 agility and 96 jumping, so he'll be very difficult to stop.

Tight end Tony Gonzalez will also be a favorite target by virtue of his 95 rating. The veteran isn't quite as athletic as he used to be, but he'll move the chains with great consistency thanks to his 96 catching and 92 route running.

Running back Steven Jackson rounds out the offense with an 89 overall. His speed and agility won't wow anyone, but his 91 trucking, 95 stiff arm and 97 ball-carrier vision will make him very tough to bring down in short-yardage situations.

Atlanta's defense is a work in progress, as is the case in real life, but there are definitely some impact players such as 89 overall corner Asante Samuel, 87 overall strong safety William Moore, 84 overall defensive end Osi Umenyiora and 83 overall right outside linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who will make enough plays to win games.


San Francisco 49ers

While players will rely heavily on offense when using the Broncos and Falcons in Madden 25, the San Francisco 49ers are truly the total package.

It can be argued that no player will be more fun to use this season than quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He nearly led the Niners to a Super Bowl title last season, and he can do the same for you in the gaming world. His 96 throwing power will allow him to hit receivers deep down the field.

However, his 88 speed is the most intriguing rating for an 89 overall quarterback, especially with a new and improved read-option system in this year's game.

Kaepernick won't have to do it alone, as he has four excellent weapons to work with. Running back Frank Gore will take plenty of pressure off the passing game at 93 overall, and his wide array of moves will leave defenses searching for answers.

The wide receiver duo of Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin will be special as well. Crabtree is a 90 overall, while Boldin is an 88. They bring very different things to the table, and they create a diverse set of options for Kaepernick.

Tight end Vernon Davis will probably be a favorite of gamers—his 94 overall rating sets him apart from most tight ends. With 90 speed and 94 jumping, he'll be tough to cover down the field.

Perhaps even more importantly, the 49ers have the best defense in the game. Carlos Rogers, Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Justin Smith and Aldon Smith are all rated 90 or better, so opposing offenses will have a heck of a time scoring. This 49ers team could be on the right side of many blowouts in Madden 25.


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