Healthy Steps To Help Soccer

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Healthy Steps To Help Soccer
(Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

We can look to hockey as the example. The purist may tune in to watch the action, but the casual fan wants to see guys beat the hell out of each other. That’s where soccer is completely missing the boat.

Leaders of the soccer movement must realize that fighting should be embraced, not shunned. Instead of handing out yellow cards for inadvertent body contact, why not stop the clock and stand back as a midfielder and defender settle their hissy fit like two men?

Instead of rewarding the first player to fall to the turf and grab his knee in mock agony, take an honest approach to these on-field disputes.

Once the fisticuffs is complete, send both players to the sidelines for two minutes apiece before they’re allowed back on the pitch. A small price to pay for the millions of dollars in entertainment revenue they’ve brought the sport.

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