Kevin Durant Investigates with Dirk Nowitzki in New Foot Locker Commercial

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 23, 2013

Kevin Durant is moving up in the world. Last year he was a criminal mastermind too nice to be causing any damage, but now he's a detective in charge of...Dirk Nowitzki and Marco Belinelli? 

If anyone can explain how that trio came to fruition, please, enlighten me. 

There's way too much awesome that happens in this commercial, though. 

First, KD looks nonchalant as he lays back in his chair and surveys the world through his hidden cameras, deciding who is ready and who is not ready. 

Later on, we discover the secret to Belinelli's shooting prowess. Apparently, he must pretend that the basket is just the head of some unsuspecting kid. It's also interesting that Belinelli, not Dirk, beans the guy. Perhaps Foot Locker is trying to make some sort of prediction about this coming season? 

Still after that, Durant manages to make a television fall over just by appearing in it. You know, because he has that type of power in his new role as the lead investigator. It's perfectly logical...unless you actually stop to think about it. 

And after a few more scenes that feature Belinelli and Dirk in suits, the camera cuts to the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar twirling not one, not two, but three balls on his outstretched finger. Is there anything this guy can't do with the rock? 

I'm not entirely certain how Durant decides how ready each subject of his investigation is, but one thing is for sure: We're all ready for some more Durant, both on our television screens and on the basketball court.