Fantasy Baseball: 10 Guys To Buy Low and Sell High

Mike WesterkampContributor IMay 14, 2009

HOUSTON - APRIL 06:  Lance Berkman #17 of the Houston Astros bats against the Chicago Cubs during the Opening Day game on April 6, 2009 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Through 30 games or so in the MLB season fantasy owners are starting to give up on guys they drafted and pick up a hot player on the waiver wire. Here is a list of guys who you can get on waivers or below their true value in a trade.

  1. Mark Teixeira - Smart owners will not trade him because they know he's a notorious slow starter, but if you can find an impatient owner you can get him with a decent trade package. Teixeira is walking a lot and still hitting for power, he's only hitting .191 but that will rise very soon.
  2. BJ Upton - Upton who is coming off shoulder surgery is off to a brutal start only hitting .160. Upton still has seven stolen bases, despite never being on base early on. Upton will steal 40 bases and might hit 20-25 home runs. Frustrated owners are dying to get rid of him if you make a decent offer.
  3. Jimmy Rollins - Continuing his struggles from last season the former MVP is struggling in all offensive categories. In a very weak fantasy position, you'd be stupid not to try to get Rollins on your team because the guys on waivers aren't much better than what Rollins has been this season
  4. Lance Berkman - Berkman is another guy who is hitting under the Mendoza line. Berkman was the hitter in baseball in the first half of last season, if he can regain his form you can get great value for him.
  5. Carlos Quentin - Quentin got off to a great start hitting eight quick home runs in the first two weeks of April. Quentin has been fighting nagging injuries ever since then. There are also questions of whether or not last year was a fluke, well it was not. He plays in a small ball park and if an owner thinks he's a fluke you can get him for almost nothing.
  6. Magglio Ordonez - Here's a guy who you can get on waivers and he will hit over .300 for you the rest of the way. A career .311 hitter is only off to a .241 start but the former batting champ will hit no matter how old he is. He may not have the power he once had but if you need average pick him up.
  7. Geovany Soto - After being banged up in the WBC, Soto has been a fantasy killer. Soto had a stellar rookie season and is fighting nagging injuries, and is losing playing time to Koyie Hill. Soto will hit and will give you great value as a catcher.
  8. Dan Uggla - Another guy who people are starting to give up on, in fact I see him on waivers and I'm considering making my move as I type this. Uggla is a streaky hitter and he will go on a home run binge very soon.
  9. Josh Beckett - Coming off a sub-par 2008 Beckett is off to a slow start in '09. Beckett has more K's than innings and should rebound once he figures it out.
  10. Cole Hamels - The World Series MVP has been off to a very slow start in '09 and has battled some injuries. Hamels' ERA is over six, but like Beckett, he has more Ks than innings and should get back on track. I think the rest he's had early on will benefit him down the stretch.

Heres a list of guys who are playing out their head and you should consider dealing.

  1. Zach Grienke - I know Grienke has been the best pitcher in baseball and is enjoying one of the best starts in league history, I think he'll end up winning the AL Cy Young. But Grienke is so good right now that you can probably get someone to trade you Albert Pujols or Hanley Ramirez for him. If you can get one of those two or a huge package deal it would be wise to deal him soon, especially if you're in a rotisserie league.
  2. Adam Jones - The very talented player acquired in the Eric Bedard haul(what a great trade for the O's). Jones is currently ranked No. 5 overall for Yahoo! fantasy baseball. Jones is not a .360 hitter or even a .300 hitter as he has never hit .300 in the minors and strikes out too much to hit .300. You can get a lot of value for Jones and if you can get a lot for him you should deal him ASAP.
  3. Zach Duke - With an ERA under three and a 4-3 record fantasy owners should try to get rid of Duke before he and the Pirates go away and finish last.
  4. Alfonso Soriano - Soriano has showed a lot of power early and has even been running again, but Soriano will go into slumps and he will go on the DL. Best bet is to trade him before the inevitable happens.
  5. Adam Lind - Lind has always been able to hit in the minors but has never shown the power he showed in April. Lind is a very solid major leaguer but he doesn't give you the HRs or SBs you want for a fantasy outfielder.
  6. Orlando Hudson - Hitting .343 with SBs and power Hudson has been a fantasy steal this year. Hitting infront of Manny obviosly helped him this season but he will be without him for 50 games and has been known to break his wrist.
  7. Jorge Cantu - I stared at him on waivers before the season started wondering if he could be my Chipper Jones caddy, I chose Carlos Guillen and every time Cantu HRed I cringed. Cantu probably won't hit 8 home runs in a month for the rest of the reason and I will probably be staring at him on waivers in July or August.
  8. Kosuke Fukudome - We saw this player in April and May last year. We also know what happened to him in August and September. He is not this good, deal him while he's hot.
  9. Nelson Cruz - Cruz is a classic 4A player who finally got a shot this season. Cruz had a great September in '08 and got off to a hot start in '09. I was planning on keeping Cruz around all year until I saw him bat against the White Sox last week. He swung at sliders that Alfonso Soriano wouldn't think twice about. Cruz will provide power but his average will start dropping soon.
  10. Ryan Theriot - Theriot is nice to have if there are no other SS's available. Theriot has a career high in HRs already and will steal a bag or two. Theriot, like Fukudome slows down significantly in the second half. Keep him around until June or July then don't be afraid to trade him no matter how good his numbers look.