WWE Total Divas: Preview and What to Expect for Aug. 25 'Feuding Funkadactyls'

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2013

WWE Total Divas cast (Photo via E!/WWE)
WWE Total Divas cast (Photo via E!/WWE)

Previously, on "Total Divas":

  • Nattie and her fiance T.J. (AKA Tyson Kidd) had trouble in the bedroom because of his knee injury, a lack of communication and probably the cameras surrounding them when she tried to seduce him. Like every other conflict on this show, it was resolved by both parties agreeing to be more open with their feelings.
  • Nikki dealt with being a bikini model who people on the Internet say is fat. Then she failed to comply with a juice cleanse that Brie suggested. Also, Brie felt that she herself was three pounds overweight for their upcoming photo shoot.
  • Ariane considered getting breast implants. She (with Trinity and Jon accompanying her) went to see a plastic surgeon, who gave her implants to wear under her clothes to try out, but first the doctor's Breast Augmentation Consultant (who had the same last name as the doctor) flashed everyone and made them feel her up. When Ariane showed the implant falsies, he was way too into them and named the left one "Janice." Then Nikki kidnapped Janice and Ariane decided she loved her body the way God made it.

That last summary bullet point about the Ariane plot doesn't do it justice. Seriously, check out a replay if you haven't see it yet, as well as this deleted scene, with an extended shot of Vincent looking horrified as breastfeeding with breast implants is discussed:

What do we have in store for us this week?

Here's what TVGuide.com says about the fifth episode, "Feuding Funkadactyls":

The feuding between Trinity and Ariane threatens to get them both fired; Nikki meets up with her estranged father; and a friend confesses he wants to be more than that with Nattie.

In addition, what we can glean from the above promo video and the preview clips on the E! website (not embeddable or directly linkable, unfortunately) is the following, which is much less than we usually get:

  • Nikki is turned on by watching her boyfriend John Cena wrestle in a scene that I kind of hope has nothing to do with anything else.
  • The Funkadactyls go out go-cart racing with Eva Marie and JoJo on their day off, which leads to a huge argument because Ariane is...Ariane.

Will the Bellas reunite with their estranged father? Will that story provide relatively realistic drama? Who (Hornswoggle?  The Great Khali?) has a crush on Nattie and how ridiculous will that "confession" scene be? How much will Vincent get to do? Will we see him refer to something as "the bomb dot com?"

Tune in this Sunday night to find out and check back here Monday for my usual recap/review post. 

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