Lane Kiffin, Marqise Lee Deliver Ice Cream to USC Trojans Football Band

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This one time at band camp, the USC Trojans head coach and the nation's top wide receiver drove onto the practice field in an ice cream truck and delivered frozen goodies to everybody.

While that sounds like a story too good to be true for the next American Pie movie, it was a reality for the USC band. After a four-hour practice of carrying heavy instruments and preparing for the upcoming season, most of the band members were ready to go home.

That's when Lane Kiffin and Marqise Lee dropped by in a yellow King Kone ice cream truck. The looks on the band members' faces probably resembled the same facial expression you have right now.

Why is there an ice cream truck on the field? And since when was Kiffin certified to drive something this enormous?

Never mind all that.

Glad you're here, but where is the ice cream?

It's hot out here, and we're all exhausted!

In all seriousness, it's nice to see the band get rewarded for once. They work their tails off year-round and are usually the second-most popular attraction when a sporting event is taking place. It's cool for the band to be reminded that even though it's not on the gridiron on Saturdays, it is still part of the team.

So, just in case you're wondering why Kiffin has yet to make a quarterback announcement, he's busy doing more important things at the moment.

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