Videos of Field Rushers Getting Jacked Up

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2013

Videos of Field Rushers Getting Jacked Up

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    Running onto the field.

    It's a great thrill for those who have big enough guts to actually do it, but more often than not, that drunken run takes a turn for the worst once security catches up to you.

    That's when the show really starts.

    With few people (if any) ever getting away with it, fans who witness these field rushers usually see some funny stuff, with people getting tossed to the ground, getting tazed or, yes, even players getting involved.

    So cheers to you field rushers, we love seeing you get jacked up.

Honorable Mention: Soccer Selfies

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    OK, this one doesn't necessarily qualify as a rushing fan getting nailed, but I had to add it because it's pretty damn cool.

    During an exhibition match between Real Madrid and Inter Milan a few weeks ago, some kid named Zack sprinted onto the field pretty easily actually, and was able to capture video of him alongside Brazilian star Kaka and Spanish defender Sergio Ramos.

    Both players gave him his due before he waved the white flag as security arrested him.

    See, this is how to properly take a selfie people.

Some Fans Start Early

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    As we saw during a college basketball game between Baylor and Oklahoma earlier this year, some kids just have rushing the playing surface in their blood.

    Whether it comes from a genetic history of great streakers in their family bloodlines, or they just see the opportunity to go for it on their own, these kids are the ones to watch out for in 15 years.

    Thankfully this little White Sox fan just got scooped up and not lit up during his 15 seconds of fame, and, unlike other field rushing incidents, I'm pretty positive this one wasn't alcohol-induced.

    Wonder what the charges were against him?

James Harrison's Tackle Dummy

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    One thing pretty much every football fan knows is that current Bengals (and former Steelers) linebacker James Harrison is one bad dude.

    A former league Defensive Player of the Year, Harrison is known for some of the hardest hits in recent years, creating quite the love-to-hate relationship with commissioner Roger Goodell.

    So you'd think a Browns fan would be smarter than to even run within 20 yards of the guy if crashing the field, right?

    Well, this guy certainly didn't, as Harrison absolutely devoured him during a game a few years back.

    I like how the guy said the hit didn't hurt—OK, sure. Definitely must have still been drunk.

Rays Fan I

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    This is a reminder to all fans who think they can get away with rushing the field—there is more than one cop who is coming after you.

    After sitting there mocking one security guard in left center field by doing some weird dance, another one comes steamrolling from behind, sacking the dude by doing his best Jadeveon Clowney impression.

    I'm not sure what's worse, the guy getting creamed or the jean shorts he's rocking?

Rays Fan II

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    For a stadium that's not known for not putting many fans in the seats—the Rays rank dead last in attendance this year—Tampa Bay sure does have a high number of field rushers.

    As seen in the previously slide, when a fan isn't taking a crushing hit by one police officer, he's getting gang tackled by several of them, as this shirtless guy found out.

    Kid has some agility and escapability, but eventually the "defenders" will usually catch up with all that dancing.

Streaker Tastes Dirt, Player Sees Red

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    This field rusher shows that he's pretty damn nimble, prancing around the field as if it's a public park or something for a good 30 seconds or so.

    It's not until Dorchester player, Ashley Vickers, finally gets fed up with the whole act and puts it to rest by delivering a hit more suited for a rugby game than in a soccer match.

    While you'd think the player would get an applause for lending a hand, the ref didn't think so highly of his act, showing him a red card and booting him from the game.

    Looks like the streaker got the last laugh this time.

Packers Fan Feels the Frozen Tundra

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    If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to take a hit from an NFL player, maybe rushing the field is your closest chance.

    At least that's what this Packers fan might suggest after he did the Lambeau Leap from the stands to the field, before linebacker Brad Jones took matters into his own hands by lifting him up and slamming him to the frozen tundra in Green Bay.

    I personally like the little shimmy Jones does after his hit, as if it was an opposing player he just lit up.

It's Not Sweet (Caroline) for This Sox Fan

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    Want to know how to become an Internet sensation?

    Hop the fence at Fenway, get a few steps onto the hallowed grounds and take a de-cleating hit from a security guard who comes at you like Terry Tate, office linebacker.

    Honestly, this thing looks like it's fake because it's such a damn perfect hit. Maybe the Pats should consider giving the officer a special teams spot or something?

Phillies Kid Gets Tazed

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    Still one of the best fans getting lit up (literally) at a sporting event, even though it's been a few years since it happened.

    During a Phillies and Cardinals game in Citizens Bank Park in 2010, teenager Steve Consalvi thought he'd make a name for himself by rushing the field.

    Started great for him, as he alluded security and got the crowd behind him.

    It ended poorly though as he was probably screaming, "Don't tase me bro," (1:54 mark) as he got 50,000 volts of electricity shot into him.

    The good news? He got a web redemption on Tosh.0.

Browns Fan Goes Streaking

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    For any of you out there that have read my stuff before, you probably know I'm a diehard Cleveland sports fan, so you know I absolutely had to give props to this dude from last week's preseason game against the Lions.

    Anthony Saveriano may have just gotten caught up in the excitement—according to his attorneys—but in that short amount of time, dude showed he had some wheels, trucking it the full length of the field before getting blasted in one of the end zones.

    And all this was done with his drawers basically at his ankles, so that's impressive.

    I just feel bad for the arresting officers—ain't no one want to hold down a naked dude.

Orioles Fans Gets Rung Up by Umpire

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    As a major league umpire, I'm guessing that dealing with a field rusher isn't in the training book, but that doesn't mean that some guys aren't good at it.

    That's what happened during a game last year between the Orioles and A's, when home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg took a break from calling balls and strikes to tackle down this poor fan.

    Come on blue, that was a little bit outside—of your responsibilities.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head

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    I'm not too sure this soccer fan is singing the famous Dean Martin song, "Ain't That a Kick in the Head," but it's definitely the first thing that comes to mind after seeing it happen to him following his rushing of the field.

    If there's anyone who should be the poster child for reasons to never rush the field, it's this guy, who probably spent a night or two in the hospital following this take down by one of the players.

    Hope you had fun bro—assuming you remember anything about it.

Super Bowl Streaker

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    You have to really give this guy, Mark Roberts, the award for aiming high when it comes to field rushing because he didn't do it during just a regular season game, he went for the big time during the Super Bowl as the best spot to show off his unathletic body.

    Both the reaction from the Danish commentators and the blank stare on former Patriots (and current ESPN analyst) Tedy Bruschi's face are hilarious.

    What's not so funny was how the streaker got taken down by one of Bruschi's teammates around mid-field.