5 Reasons Carlos Tevez's Arrival Will Spark Juventus

Matteo Bonetti@@TheCalcioGuyContributor IAugust 22, 2013

5 Reasons Carlos Tevez's Arrival Will Spark Juventus

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    In a Juventus offense where no striker had scored more than a dozen goals domestically since 2008, the arrival of Carlos Tevez was a welcome addition for the Bianconeri.

    Fresh from scoring a goal in Juventus' 4-0 triumph over Lazio in the Super Coppa, Carlos Tevez looks to lead the front line better than any player since Alessandro Del Piero.

    Here are five reasons why his Summer move will spark Juventus:

Tevez's Mean Streak

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    Not only did the Juventus strike force have a hard time hitting double digits with their goal totals, but they lacked the necessary bite when it came to pressing opposition and helping the team when not in possession.

    Tevez is a whirling buzzsaw of a player who can also track back and runs much more than the languid Vucinic or tiny Sebastian Giovinco.


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    Tevez is a striker who scored 23 and 29 goals respectively in two consecutive seasons with Manchester City. Not only that, he has also scored some of the most memorable goals for the Argentine national team in the past decade.

    The buzz he generated during the summer upon signing for the Turin outfit was enough to justify a rather modest transfer price.

Better Chance in Europe

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    For a team that's on the cusp of replicating their dominant Serie A form in Europe, the arrival of Tevez will be just what La Vecchia Signora needs to have a chance against the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    Juventus' weakness up front was exposed for the entire world to see when their attacking sector couldn't manage to give Bayern Munich any real problems in last season's Champions League. Tevez, on the other hand, is a mercurial striker who can change the course of a game with one flash of brilliance.


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    El Apache Tevez has played in the World Cup and dozens of Champions League matches—representing some of the most storied teams in Europe.

    These experiences have led him to become a fearless striker since joining West Ham as a youngster and have made him one of the hottest prospects in Europe.

    Point is, Carlos Tevez has been there, and he'll have the necessary know-how to help Juventus with their ambitions of Champions League glory.


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    Here's the main reason why the Bianconeri signed El Apache—goals.

    The Argentina striker will assure a strike rate in the double digits, surpassing the tally of any attacker Juventus has employed since 2008.

    The main Achilles' Heel of the Juventus formation was their inability to field a consistent strike pair, hence their constant revolving door up front.

    Tevez has joined to give the offense a much needed fixed point.