Breaking Down Mississippi State's 2013 Egg Bowl Uniform

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 22, 2013


It's that time of year again, folks!

Football games, junk food and new uniforms that can make you facepalm more than Tim Tebow. Mississippi State is the latest school to release its new wardrobe, which will be worn on November 28 when the Bulldogs play Ole Miss in the annual Egg Bowl.

It's obvious Mississippi State couldn't keep these uniforms in the closet any longer and just had to release them three months in advance.

Adidas, the company which has provided the uniforms, released a video to preview the new look:

Besides the music getting stuck in your head, the video doesn't really do the uniforms any justice. You can't get a good look at them with the player bouncing up and down and fading away in a light that makes the uniform look a completely different color. Don't worry Mississippi State fans, the new uniform is not black.

Oh, that's better. (All photos were provided by

The Bulldogs decided to stick with tradition by going with an all-maroon look. This will make traditionalists extremely happy, which is important with the Egg Bowl being played since 1901, but there seems to be a little too much maroon.

The color has covered the jersey, pants and helmet. Colorways seem to hold weight with today's players and with schools such as Oregon mixing it up, the one color throughout is a little disappointing.

However, the sea of maroon does help make the gold numbers pop. New uniforms need to catch the eye, and Adidas made sure to hit the mark with the numbers and lettering across the jersey. Maybe an all-maroon look isn't so bad after all.

The helmet doesn't appear to be messed with, as it's the standard Mississippi State helmet. Leaving the lid alone was probably the best idea after what Notre Dame was forced to wear last year against Miami.

Overall, Mississippi State will look sharp when it takes the field to play Ole Miss. Tradition wasn't played with too much and the uniform should shine under the lights of Davis Wade Stadium. It may have been better with a little white added to the pants, but college football fans have noticed in the past that these changes could always be worse.

Whether you prefer the new look or not, Mississippi State fans won't care as long as their team is winning. The Bulldogs are looking to regain momentum over their in-state rival after losing 41-24 in last year's meeting.